Google official extension "Google Dictionary" that allows you to pop up a Japanese translation of English words by double clicking

If you have an English word that you do not understand while reading an English web page, you need to take the action of copying, opening a separate tab and checking the meaning of Japanese with a dictionary site etc. If there are too many unknown English words, you will have to go back and forth between English pages and dictionary sites many times, but you can double-click on a word to display a free Japanese translation from Google Translate on the page free Chrome If the extended function is "Google Dictionary"is.

Google Dictionary (by Google) - Chrome Web Store

Click "Add to CHROME" to install Google Dictionary in Chrome.

Click "Add Extension"

An icon is added in the upper right.

Since the default setting is English, first set up Japanese. From the menu icon in the upper right, click "Other tools", then "Extensions".

Click 'Options' in Google Dictionary from the list of extensions

As options are displayed, click "Japanese" from My Language scroll.

Now that I can display Japanese translation,BBC articlesI will try it. When you move the cursor to the word you want to check and double-click it, the Japanese translation of the English word you selected instantly pops up. When you use overseas shopping sites, it seems to be very reliable.

Also, clicking "More" in the popup ... ...

The Google Translate page opens in a separate tab so you can explore further the word you were looking for.

Also, click on the Google Dictionary icon in the upper right, the entry field will appear. By entering the word you want to examine and clicking "Define" you can also check the meaning of the word on the spot.

Since you can check the meaning of Japanese with just double-clicking on it, if you are using Chrome normally you have to put it in first and it is an extension function without loss.

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