High-quality self-made 3D shooting game "GIVERS-P3D" developed at Petit Com 3

Nintendo 3DS program languageBASIC(Basic) can be used to create programs, as well as 3DS download software that allows others to download programs and play games "Petit Com No. 3 SmileBASIC"is. Bizic who created a 3D shooting game using PetitCon No. 3 SmileBASIC which can develop programs from BASIC to develop from game to application, has released that play movie.

"Petit Com 3" GIVERS-P3D - YouTube

Game programmer'sNorihiko TaniIs using the self-made polygon engine for Petit Com No. 3 SmileBasic to shoot "GIVERS-P3DDeveloped. The following image is the start screen of GIVERS - P3D.

When the game starts, the aircraft operated by the player is projected up ... ....

It will rise. The camera work where the angle switches is pretty.

The aircraft jumped into outer space and departed vigorously.

The stage 1 "EPISODE - I Raid of givers forces." Has started.

GIVERS - P3D is an oblique looking down type shooting game, enemies appearing on the screen.

Get down items such as speed up when you defeat the enemy.

If you acquire further items, you can equip the sub weapons to the left and right of yourself.

There are also large ones in the enemies that appear, the difficulty is not low.

Kunekune and moving boss will also appear.

This is a sub weapon different from the ones that appeared earlier, firing a blue beam.

When the character "!! CAUTION !!" is displayed and the screen begins flashing red ... ...

The boss of stage 1 appeared.

Boss breaks up the body ......

It is a level that seems to be pretty hard to beat in the first play playing, such as launching a rocket, and trying a variety of attacks.

Stage 2 began when the boss was beaten.

Stage 2 is an unknown planet in the stage, and an articulated serpentine middle boss also appears.

The public key of GIVERS - P3D is "735YW3L4". If you are interested in downloading it to Petit Com No. 3 and actually playing it, you can experience its awesomeness.

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