Emulator "3DNes Emulator" which can play with old retro game 3D as 3D

Emulator "Emulator" is software that emulates old-fashioned games such as Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Game Boy so that it can be played on a PC, but it is an emulator that can play an old game 3D3DNes Emulator"Has appeared. When testing the beta version of 3DNes Emulator, it is a specification that runs on Firefox of the browser, not software.

3DNes Beta - Play Nes In 3D

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You can see how it will be when you play old-fashioned games with 3DNes Emulator from the following movie.

3DNes Emulator - Beta Release - YouTube

Nintendo's puzzle game "Dr. Mario" menu screen. It is somewhat a screen with a three-dimensional feel ... ...

When you grab the mouse, you can see that it is properly 3D.

The setting screen is also this way.

It is possible to play games in 3D as well.

There should not be anyone who has played Dr. Mario with an angle like the image below.

This is Konami's "Soul Collar". Due to 3D display, the graphics of Bill · Raiser and Rance Bean are a bit distorted.

This game is like this. Compared to Dr. Mario you will see less stereoscopic effect.

However, if you move the angle you can see that it is firmly 3D.

Capcom's 'Rockman'.

Not only the objects on the stage but also the life gauge are shaded. When viewing play, the square object 3D display has little sense of incongruity, but the round thing feels that 3D display can not be processed well.

With such a stage, the level of difficulty is likely to rise further ....

This is Nintendo's 'Adventure of Link'

Map of the angle to look down is also 3D. It has become 3D display up to water, tough thing.

The enemy is displayed as if it is floating in the air rather than 3D.

3D and ...

Compared to 2D, it is surprising that overwhelming difference.

Nintendo's "Super Mario Bros. 3".

Impression that Super Mario Bros. 3 is not complicated in graphics, 3D display can be done well.

The ground and the Hatena block on the right side of the screen are displayed cleanly in 3D.

Again, it seems that if you display complex shapes in 3D, they are distorted or drowned.

However, the Kupa castle where blocks lined up was almost uncomfortable.

Konami's "Akumajo Dracula". The title logo is already strange feeling ....

The brown obstacles on the right side of the screen are awesome.

This is how to change the angle.

It is a new experience that you can play that Akumajo Dracula in 3D display.

Even just changing the angle and observing every corner of the stage seems fun.

Trần Vũ Trúc of the Vietnamese who developed "3DNes Emulator". At the time of article creation, you can not play without uploading rom to the cloud and loading rom to Firefox browser from 3DNes Emulator, but in the near future it will release the official version of the software.

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