Various wallpapers of 3D game of NES game such as Mario, Soul Konora, Excite Bikes

A screen of masterpiece games released on family computers such as "Super Mario Bros.", "Soul Collar", and "Excite Bikes", as if from software from PS 3 "3D dot game Heroes"Wallpaper expressed in 3D like that is on the road. By making 3D texture of old-fashioned dot game unique, it gives us a fresh impression even on familiar game screen.

3D Dot Wallpaper from below.NES - still-the-best on deviantART

◆ 1:Super mario bros

The famous masterpiece masterpiece "Super Mario Bros." is also a leading player who has greatly dragged the spread of game machines to ordinary households. Many enemy characters and stage gimmicks are included in the wallpaper, the difficulty seems to be quite high.

Nintendo 3D Mario by * NES - still-the-best on deviantART

◆ 2:Soul collection

Konami's fierce series "Soul Collar" that you want to say is an action game for a man inside a man. This is the stage named AREA 7 "HANGAR" of the NES version which was ported from the arcade version.

3D Contra by * NES - still-the-best on deviantART

◆ 3:Ice hockey

"Ice hockey" was released from NintendoDisk systemIt is game software for. This is a wallpaper of a viewpoint that is indeed 3D.

Nintendo 3D Ice Hockey by * NES - still-the-best on deviantART

And a version faithfully reproduced NESCON screen.

3D Nintendo Ice Hockey by * NES - still-the-best on deviantART

◆ 4:Super Mario Bros. 3

"Super Mario Bros. 3" which is also called the highest masterpiece of the series showed overwhelming evolution from the previous work such as introduction of a map system, strengthening of graphics, addition of new power up, and so on. Here is a strangely realistic wallpaper expressing water.

Mario 3D by * NES - still-the-best on deviantART

This is a map version.

3D Nintendo Mario 3 World 3 by * NES - still-the-best on deviantART

Map version in a narrow range.

3D Nintendo Mario 3 by * NES - still-the-best on deviantART

One scene in World 8 "The Dark Country". It is a stage with a high degree of difficulty as it is the home of Kuppa.

Nintendo 3D Mario 3 by * NES - still-the-best on deviantART

◆ 5:Frogger

"Frogger" is a rare title developed by Konami and released from Sega Enterprises and Sega Gremlin. It is not released in Nintendo, arcade andPuyutaI was able to play with.

Frogger 3D by * NES - still-the-best on deviantART

◆ 6:Excite bike

Excite bike "which can enjoy an exciting race as the title that it falls if not adjusting the motorcycle well when landing to the ground after jumping up. There are many persistent fans in that simple and profound game property.

Excitebike 3D by * NES - still-the-best on deviantART

◆ 7:Pacman

Namco's representative series, the world famous character 'Pac-Man' celebrated its 31st anniversary the other day. On May 22nd, 2010, 30th anniversary day"Top" page of "Google" changed to Pac-Man specificationIt is a new place to memorize that I was able to play actually. By the way, even nowFrom hereYou can play.

Ms Pac Man by * * NES - still-the-best

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