Free software "Shooting game builder" that can create STG game

Once upon a time "Shooting MiscSoftware was sold, but now it is possible to do with free software .... It is a thing that has become a great era.

Sprite, sound effect, BGM (using OGG file), player, background, stage, barrage, script, character, formation, font, layout editing etc are possible. It is also possible to create distribution data, and even for tests and data that can actually be played, data is included, so you can create side STG and vertical STG.

The actual screens and downloads are from the following.
Download from below.


Shooting game builder (WindowsNT / 2000 / XP / game)

This allows detailed setting of familiar functions such as player editing, power up type, power up level, speed up level etc

Background editing can also be done like this

You can edit the barrage properly

Script editing is quite detailed but many things can be done

Character editing is quite full-blown, it's done very well

Debugging by test play is also possible

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