Headline news on 6th June 2007

This weekend on Friday, June 8, Patty will be sold as 2, so it seems to be extremely rich "Mega Troy" will be sold, but as a promotion the project of Mega Mack ShowThe second issue has been released today(Volume note). A suspicious MC like "Nicholas · Mega · Willis" in the American TV show style composition is shouting all the time. You can leave a comment by pushing the button on the bottom left, so that it will be stacked up in the middle as mega - mac 's ingredients. Nicholas does not tell me about the goodness of the mega, but the expectation will rise somehow.

So, tomorrowJune 7. In 1913, McKinley, the highest mountain of Continental North America, firstly climbed missionary stacks, promulgated by the Measurement Law in 1951. Japan's first credit company was born in 1951, the first Japanese mother's tournament was held in Tokyo in 1955. In 1848, a painter, Paul Gauguin, was born in 1960 with a famous manga artist Hirohiko Araki, and in 1358 the first generals of the Muromachi shogunate, Takashi Ashikaga passed away .

Today's headline news.

I do not want to work in the hot summer! The holidays in the workplace will increase in the summer - Rice survey | Management | MY COMIC Journal(Business, dislikes on Monday is the same overseas)

[TechEd 2007] "I do not talk about vision anymore", began to silence Microsoft: ITpro(Business, why back-to-the future Doctrine)

Martin signed La Fonera gift campaign | FON Blog(Public wireless LAN, gifts for 20 people in the present campaign)

"Festival" is a minimum enterprise theory! (Super Business Review Review): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Company, impressive lyrics are messed up)

IT's 2007 issue is "escape water" (Tsukuba superflow): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(There are few veterans who can understand and operate information systems, complex systems, and technology inheritance is delayed)

The security of "paper" is a problem - the first information leakage route, actually paper medium security - Latest news IT-PLUS(Information leaked due to security, lost or misplaced paper medium)

What does "Mailer Daemon" say? | Excite News(Send an e-mail to Mailer Demon, "Who are you?" And interview coverage)

Why do not you play the president's "war game"? (From "Economist" magazine in English): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Management strategy, be your enemy to know your enemies)

ITmedia News: "Second Life made in Japan" that reproduces Tokyo realistically(Game, Production · I · G and Pierrot participate in the character deza, which has become a city which precisely reproduced buildings in real Tokyo 23 wards)

GameSpark - Subtle difference between owner and Xbox 360 owner ... consciousness to second hard(Game, why PS3 users are not investigated)

Xbox LIVE Arcade "Pac-Man" World Tournament will be held in New York! What got the best in the world? - Famitsu.com(Game, the winning prize is Xbox 360 of Pacman specification)

Hudson, Nintendo DS fortune-teller software "Fortune Trying Try at DS" released(Game, somewhat throwing titles are funny, compatibility diagnosis is also possible with Wi-Fi communication)

[Alternative dot com] I made 11 pieces last time of "Doraemon"(Final round, full of impressive final rounds)

REGISTA - Ghost in the Shell Under 5 Minutes(Anime, people who already know can laugh at laughter)

Funny Introduction Z Weekly Shonen Jump Temporary Series Work TOP 100 (Tentative)(Manga, first place is still all right)

BANDAI releases a 1/44 scale finished painted finished plastic model "Super Hi-Con Pro RX-78-2 Gundam"(Memo, Gundam OO animation celebrating memorial)

Lie of Akiba firearm sword law(As police and police officers judge it as "appliances used to add serious harm" everything will be forgiven for outcome other than scheduled harmony forced by saying "It is said to be for self-defense")

@nifty: Daily portal Z: eyebon device(You made the ultimate device to spill medicine, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's eyebone without spilling)

Alfalfa Mosaic "Facts concerning failure rate of hard disk drive"(Hardware, broken when it breaks easily)

Mouse computer, desktop PC with PC with Pentium Dual-Core of 50,000 yen PC My Computer Journal(Hardware, 2100 yen up if you make the color white)

Industry's Thin Class, Launches 2 Megapixel CMOS Camera Module with Optical Size 1/4 AF | News Release: Sharp(Hardship, it seems that it will be spurious to make the mobile thinner)

Press release -> industry first! USB compatible one-segment TV tuner with double antenna appearance "LDT-1S301U" - Logitech(Hardware, improving reception sensitivity by installing two antennas)

Apple, Update MacBook Pro(Enhance hardware and graphics and install up to 4 GB of memory)

Yahoo! launches "Yahoo! Mobamel Search" that can be searched by e-mail of mobile phone(You can search by sending a mobile, phrase.

KDDI Company Information: News Release> About the implementation of "Double Flat de Chance"(Mobile, Double discount subscription to basic usage fee discount)

My Voicecom regular questionnaire (mobile phones, PHS recycling)(Mobile, handsets that canceled are not disposed of, but about 70% of them are held)

ITmedia + D Mobile: Free download of GPS route guidance with DoCoMo "905i"(Mobile and docomo are at the forefront of location information service)

Business Media Makoto: au vs. docomo's "GPS Navi" competition(How does mobile, SoftBank go?)

Yahoo auction, Yahoo! messenger can be notified before auction ends(Internet service, MSN Messenger and Skype chat are not supported)

Painful news (No ∀ `):" Impossible "TBS, insane interview ..." Prince Hanikami "Electric wiretapping against Ryo Ishikawa. Skip to helicopter without permission during game(The mass communication, this is Masui TBS)

Blog-chan: Two-chan's board, apple's product that was beaten up by a certain day(Notes, Apple and JASRAC feuds)

Dance required for children's obesity measures China | Excite News(Overseas, China also seems to be exposed to the fear of obesity)

Slashdot Japan A museum where you can experience the creation of heaven and the earth(Story, this is a theme park ... ...)

WIRED VISION / "Fusionia" to fusion experiment at home (1)(It's a name that is likely to merge with a lion robot)

+ D Style: Overcoming milk dislike! Is it? Seasoned straw "sipahh (Shipper)"(There is a ball that will become Ajinomoto in food, straw)

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