Game "DEATH STAR" flying on the TIE fighter flying Death Star surface

It is a game which reproduced the "battle of Yavin" aimed at destroying the death star by the Rebel Alliance Army appearing in "Star Wars New Hope". The player manipulates the Imperial Army 's TIE fighter and flies while avoiding obstacles on the surface of Death Star.

Details are as follows.
Death Star Flash Game

title screen. TIE fighter is operated with mouse.

Death Star surface. There is no figure of X wing.

When it hits an obstacle, it goes out.

Is it Imperial-class Star · Destroyer that you can see far?

Eventually I hit it on the way.

By the way, the item of Wikipedia is as follows regarding "Yavin 's battle" which is probably model of this.

Battle of Yavin - Wikipedia

I would like to do a game called X Wing to destroy Death Star.

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