If you really fly the drone and reproduce the Star Wars aerial chase, it will be like this

The movie 'Star Wars ' has a lot of charm, such as the battle between the Jedi and the dark side and the battle of lightsaber like sword fight, but in the scene of the aerial battle between the allied and imperial spaceships. Many people should have been nailed. A movie that reproduces such a powerful Star Wars aerial chase using a drone has been released, and it is worth seeing.

Drone Star Wars-YouTube

Three aircraft, TIE Fighter, X Wing, and TIE Advanced, are lined up.

R2-D2 boarded the X-wing with the talking stormtrooper in the background.

The propeller rotates and the X wing emerges ...

Escape as it is!

An X wing that escapes from the Imperial Army and glides through the sky.

I will fly over the ground thread.

R2-D2 also seems to be happy to escape with Pipopapo.

However, a TIE interceptor and two TIE fighters chased the X-wing.

Capture the X wing in sight ...

Fire a blaster!

The chased X-wing escapes under the bridge.

The TIE fighter also tries to shoot down the X wing that goes under the bridge and escapes ...

I couldn't keep up with the sharp turn of the X wing and crashed into the bridge.

It fell into the forest as it was.

It is an X wing that managed to defeat one aircraft, but another TIE fighter attacks from behind.

X wing that manages to avoid the blaster.

The blaster lands on the lake and splashes.

Ascending toward the sky ……

One rotation with Gurung as it is.

When I faced the TIE fighter, I shot it down with a blaster.

All that remains is the TIE interceptor.

The X-wing escapes into a wooded forest.

An X wing that runs through the trees at a tremendous speed. This scene is reminiscent of the forest planet Endor that appeared in Star Wars Episode IV.

The X wing attached to the back of the TIE interceptor fires a blaster!

It hit the TIE interceptor brilliantly ...

It crashed as it was.

An 'Imperial March' reminiscent of the dark side flowed and someone in a black hood came out of the TIE interceptor.

Although wearing a hood, the true identity is the bright red R2-D2. R2-D2, which looks like it has fallen to the dark side, stares at one point and does not make a slight movement. This is a promising development for the sequel.

A making movie that approaches the details of how Drone Star Wars, which is full of intense aerial chase, was shot has been released, and you can check it from the following movie.

DRONE STAR WARS: The Complete Saga --YouTube

The aerial chase of the X-wing and TIE interceptor was shot using a real drone.

The drone operated by two people flies at a terrifying speed.

All complicated movements such as sharp turns and one turn are operated by the pilot.

Shooting the chase scene of two drones while actually maneuvering.

If you match the cockpit to the shot image, it will look like the upper right of the screen.

The cockpit is actually made using a 3D printer, not CG.

I fixed the cockpit to the board and put GoPro inside to shoot.

While checking the image taken by the drone with the iPhone attached to the top, I move the cockpit by hand to shoot.

Since the drone is flying outside, the cockpit was also filmed outside. If you don't match the sunlight that hits the cockpit or the aircraft with the actual sunlight that hits the drone, you will feel a sense of discomfort, so tilt your body and shoot from various angles.

A little dark scene ...

It's like a scene where the sun shines on the aircraft. This shooting had a problem that the cockpit reflected on the screen was too large, and it was quite difficult.

It's surreal where only one person is holding the cockpit and twisting his body to shoot.

A model of the TIE fighter that was actually made.

For the opening scene of 'R2-D2 boarding the X wing and escaping', three spaceships are created and photographed.

Finally, it is completed with special effects such as blaster, explosion, flying X wing and TIE fighter.

If you look at the video, it will take only a few minutes, but you can see that it was actually made with considerable effort.

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