How does the ball behavior change with the Magnus effect?


When you throw the ball back spin, lifting force is born and the flight distance increases. This isMagnus effectA movie that demonstrates how much power is concrete in one of them is released.

Surprising Applications of the Magnus Effect - YouTube

The stage of the experiment is on Tasmanian Island, AustraliaGordon Dam.

The height is 126.5 m.

Then drop the basketball from above.

First of all, we do not devise anything and we just drop it. Of course, being blown by the wind ......

Fall into a place slightly away from the wall of the dam. The ball is moving with its wind receiving,Knuckle ballAnd the non-rotating shoot is the reason for unexpected movement.

Next, I will spin back and spin it down.

At first it looks like it is going straight down ... ...

The ball will stretch as you move away from the dam upwards.

It was the surface of the water that fell far. This is due to "Magnus effect".

So what is Magnus effect?

This shows the ball that falls, in the example above, there is a dam wall on the right side. For the falling ball, the upward air flow collides, and the flow on the left side is directed in the same direction as the rotation of the ball.

Then it will flow along the ball to the right side of the screen.

At this time, a force to move to the left side is born against the ball.

In this way the ball fell to a place away from the wall of the dam.

"Magnus effect" was first recognized by German scientist Heinrich Gustav Magnus in 1852.

In the experiment I dropped the ball from the top, but the Magnus effect also works when the ball moves forward. For this reason, I play a big role in tennis, soccer, baseball and so on.

For example, a baseball straight is getting lift by throwing a strong backspin on the ball. As a result, the ball will fly in a more straight-line orbit so that the ball that fought against the pitcher who throws a powerful straight throw may not be falling off the ball than expected and may swing under the ball. On the other hand, there is a disadvantage that when the strong backspin is applied, the rotating shaft is easily blurred, and the control of the ball is not fixed.

And the surprising thing that used "Magnus effect" is "ship". It seems that there are two large chimneys on the ship of this image, but this ship is "Rotor shipIt is called a column that rotates instead of a sail.

Like the previous ball, it receives a constant wind from the side against a rotating cylinder, and generates a forward force.

In addition, this idea was developed "Rotor plane"Was also thought. The image is its prototype.

Instead of a wing, it was a substitute that tried to obtain lift by rotation of the rotor, but unlike a ship, this form did not work very well.

However, it is certain that it is possible to fly by just rotating the rotor.

Rotor ships are drawing much attention from the viewpoint of environmental problems, so it may be increasing in the future to hear the "Magnus effect" even outside sports.

Incidentally, as an example of "shaking under the straight", there is a confrontation between Fujikawa ball girl and Cabrera in 2006 all-star game.

Fujikawa vs Cabrera & amp; Ogasawara - YouTube

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