Google Street View that allows you to fly around the world by riding the Millennium Falcon

You can enjoy street view, which gives 360 degree view on Google Maps, to a spaceship that appears in the movie 'Star Wars' series'Star Wars Street View"is. It is said that if you are a Star Wars fan called Millennium Falcon, TIE Fighter, X Wing, you can get on the space ship that everyone knows, so I actually flew around the world and watched it.

The Millennium Falcon

Opening the above URL will show you London in the street view with Millennium Falcon getting on. Google Maps is displayed under Street View, and you can change the position of Street View on the map.

Double click on the Millennium Falcon icon at the top of the screen ......

It changes to full screen display.

The usage is the same as Google Street View, you can grab the screen by click & hold, or double click to move. The left arm of C - 3PO is reflected in the cockpit of Millennium Falcon. Where you are concerned about being low-altitude flying.

If you click the TIE fighter ......

You can get on the TIE fighter and enjoy the street view.

In the same way click on the X wing ......

That means I can get on the X wing. In addition, Millennium Falcon is in London, TIE Fighter is in Brussels in Belgium, X Wing in New York is the initial position.

When I look at the Parliament Building with the X wing, it looks like this.

If you go to Antarctica you will remind me of the battle of the planet Hosu.

It is okay to get on to Millennium Falcon at Disneyland of the main house.

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