Site where beautiful night view of Yokohama can be seen in 360 degree panoramic photos

Kanagawa prefecture Yokohama city. Exist "Yokohama Landmark Tower"I looked at the night view of Yokohama overlooking from the site that can be overlooked by 360 degree panoramic photos.

It might be a little luxury to be able to see the beautiful night view of Yokohama while staying at home.

Details are as follows.
Yokohama by Night - the Ferris wheel - View from Landmark Tower - QTVR Photo - cheap flights to Yokohama

Quicktime is required to view panoramic photos. You can zoom in with Shift key and zoom out with Ctrl key. You can scroll with the mouse.

You can see the Ferris wheel.

The highway is beautiful.

There is not much light on the right side.

Besides this, it's too dark.

I zoomed out the camera and looked around.

I think that this alone is sufficiently beautiful, but does the view actually seen look more beautiful?

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