"Build" you can assemble Lego freely anywhere in the world on Google Maps

You can assemble Lego blocks anywhere in Australia and New Zealand compartmented on Google Maps, Google's deployed service "Build"Has been upgraded and it has become possible to assemble Lego blocks anywhere in the world, including Japan, so we actually assembled Lego and played it.

Build with Chrome

To play with the Lego block in Build, open the above URL and click "Create a work".

In the lower left of the screen, randomly selected partitions are displayed on Google Maps, and you can assemble a LEGO block on this.

From the LEGO block displayed on the left side of the screen, you can choose whatever you like.

Click on the icon in the lower right corner of the Lego block to change the color of Lego.

Click the "arrow" to rotate the direction of the Lego block

There are 14 types of LEGO blocks that can be used ......

Seven special blocks such as doors and windows.

To assemble Lego, simply clicking the selected block on the parcel is very simple.

Pochi Pochi I will stack up Lego blocks while clicking.

Completion of "G". It is also possible to share finished products using "Google+" account.

You can also confirm the work of others from the top page. Click "To the world of new works".

Here you can see the works of LEGO shared on Google Maps.

Several works have already been released near Tokyo.

In the place of Tokyo Tower ......

There is someone who has assembled Tokyo Tower already.

Someone built Lego also at the top of Mt. Fuji.

At the top of Mt. Fuji emoticons are made of Lego. It is also one of the charms of Build that you can assemble Lego freely in any place.

Paris seems to be quite popular city for Lego like.

Louvre MuseumofNapoleonic squareWhat is assembled in ... ...

Louvre PyramidLego looks exactly like that.

Pops and lego are assembled in New York.

Central ParkSome assembled something like a submarine or a whale in a pond at.

Also, if anyone chooses a place not assembled LEGO and click on "Create a work", you can assemble LEGO in that place.

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