Star Wars precisely reproduced details such as "Millennium Falcon" and "Thai Fighter" etc.

Speaking of Star Wars figures, characters such as Jedi's knights, Darth Vader, Darth Maul and others come to mind, but at the Shizuoka Hobby Show"Millennium Falcon"Ya"Thai fighter"Ships like the one that runs in space were reproduced with a very precise quality plastic model.

Details are as below.Fine Mold

"Thai fighter" on the 1/72 scale (2310 yen including tax) from Fine Molds who are good at fighter aircraft and fighting vehicle plastic model.

Han Solo's spaceship "Millennium Falcon" 1/144 scale model (4935 yen including tax)

Aside from precise reproducibility of each part, I am not ashamed of the name of "the fastest galaxy in the Galaxy"WeatheringIs also superb.

Rebel Alliance Army fighter that appears in "Star Wars Episode 5 / Empire Strikes Back""Snow Speeder"1/48 scale (2940 yen including tax).

A 1/48 scale model (3990 yen including tax) of "Thai · Fighter" newly appeared from last December.

It is extremely elaborate construction.

Luke boarded in the Death Star strategy game, the scenes that rage against R2 - D2 are impressive"X - Wing Fighter"1/72 scale (2520 yen including tax).

R2 - D2 is also properly installed.

"X - Wing Fighter" also has 1/48 scale, here 4935 yen including tax.

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