Produce Star Wars characters with origami

Basically, without using scissors or glue Nakajima creates animals and plants just by folding paper Origami is now being loved abroad beyond traditional Japanese play. The subjects to be folded are not only those that can be easily broken by children, but there are things that make one work over several months, reaching a level that can be said as one genre of art any longer.

This time we will introduce the characters of Star Wars made with such origami. Darth · Vader and Jedi's designs may have good compatibility as Japanese elements are also incorporated.

Details are as below.
Yoda has the only title of Grand Master among Jedi Masters.

This is a little yoda.

Yoda vs. Palpatine seen in "Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith".

"Force · Lightning" by Palpatine. BY 2.0

Jedi. It is not Java that picked R2 - D2 in Tatooine.

This is a Jedi made for a total of 21 dollars.

Jedi vs Jedi. BY 2.0

Battle droids played an active part in the Clone Wars. BY 2.0

X Wing Fighter

Darth Vader

It looks cute when Jaiba the hat with only a tough image is origami.

TIE fighter

Created fighter of Naboo considerably in huge size.

I wanted to see Death Star as well.

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