In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of broadcasting, all 10 plastic models of "Sun's Fang Dagram" are reprinted, faithfully reproducing the package at the time

Real-time robot animation whose aired from 1981 "Sun's fang Dagram". Plastic model of 1/48 scale of the robot weapon "Combat armor" in the play, collection model of 1/144 scale was released from Takara at that time, but Nitto (Nitto Science) As well as 1/144 scale plastic model series has been released at that time in all 10 species.

As a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the aired Nitto's plastic model series will be reprinted at once by Domenyosha's hand. The real thingThe 50th Shizuoka Hobby ShowAs I can see it at the Dormy company booth, I took a photo with Bashibashi as soon as possible.

The plastic model of "Fang of the Sun Fang Dagram" is from the following.SUNRISE Inc. Official Site | Sun Fang Dagram

Doyukosha WEBSITE

"Sun's Fang Dagram" corner which is displayed in front of Dodo company booth in a majestic manner.

"Sun's Fang Dagram 10 Assort Collector's Box" will be released in mid-July as a 30th anniversary broadcast. The price is 5000 yen (excluding tax).

In this way, we are faithfully reproducing the package at the time. This is "Dagram".

The real thing is like this.

And "Solitic H8RF" Round Feather "Coachima spl (Special)".

Then "Avitate F35C" Blizzard Gunner ".

Next is "Iron foot F4X" Hasty ".

"Avitate T10B" block head "X block type" compatible with X nebula, which is improved "Abitate T10B" blockhead ".

This is "Abitate F 44 A" Club Gunner ".

And "Solitic HT 128" big foot ".

"Dagram Yakuta type" which added nine consecutive missile pods to Dagram.

This is "Solic H 8" Round Feather ".

Finally "Avitate T10B" Blockhead ".

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