Scale Models of "Idolmaster" Ita-Fighter Jets at Shizuoka Hobby Show 2010

To date we've seen tons of itasha(painmobile), itansha(pain-motorcycle), itachari(pain-bicycle) and even ita-jet skis: what next?

At Shizuoka Hobby Show 2010 we got our first opportunity to see an otaku-fied fighter jets, or an intricately detailed scale model of it, at least .

Scale models of The Idolm@ster-themed fighters, featured as downloadable paint schemes for flight action video game Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, were on display at Hasegawa's booth.

Pics after the cut!
The model planes on display are the second series' lineup in Hasegawa's "Idolm@ster Project".

1/48 scale "F/A-18F Super Hornet Idolmaster Ritsuko Akizuki"

To come out in late May for 7,140 yen (about $77).

Package design.

1/48 scale "A-10A Thunderbolt II Idolmaster Kotori Otonashi/THE IDOLM@STER SP"

To come out in June for 5,460 yen ($59).

1/48 scale "F-117A Nighthawk Idolmaster Yukiho Hagiwara". Not very stealthy.

5,460 yen ($59), due July. A 1/72 scale version is now on sale for 3,150 yen ($34).

Some models that sold out in the 1st series will be reissued this June.

1/48 scale "F-14 Tomcat Idolmaster Azusa Miura"

6,090 yen ($66). A 1/72 scale model will also be released for 3,990 yen ($43).

1/48 scale "Mitsubishi F-2A Idolmaster Ami Futami".

3,990 yen ($43).

1/48 scale "F-22 Raptor Haruka Amami".

7,140 yen ($77).

1/48 scale "F-16C Fighting Falcon Mami Futami".

3,990 yen ($43).

1/48 scale "F-15E Strike Eagle Chihaya Kisaragi".

6,090 yen ($66).

Considering the need of stealth, an actual ita-fighter seems impractical, but something like the Japan Air Self-Defence Force's Kitaro planes with moe character for air shows might not be too far-fetched.

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