The original gunpla purchase postcards, stickers etc, the things that I got on the Gundam Jet 1st flight look like this

Sailing of the Gundam jet whose real size Gundam was drawn on the fuselage began with ANA. This time we are collaborating with Gundam's plastic model "Gundam Model" which will celebrate 30th anniversary, so original gundamens are sold only to those who flew the plane.

Although I use a special posting postcard for purchase, I will introduce it together with the stickers etc. I got together as to what kind of postcard it is.

Details are as below.
The postcard for purchasing the original Gundam model was handed over with the certificate of commemoration boarding certificate and the sticker together.

Inside of boarding certificate. The date and flight number are filled in.

Gundam jet and sticker of original Gundam model. The backing card with a sticker is postcard.

This is the postcard for application.

If you send a postcard, items will arrive in about two weeks after receipt.

In-flight sales catalog which is caught in the seat pocket "ANA SKY SHOPVol.134. Items that can be purchased here are introduced.

Gunpla introduction page of ANA original color.

It is a blue sky mobile suits, and it uses colors that are refreshing as a whole.

There are 2 kinds of 1/48 scale of total height 37.5 cm and 1/144 scale of 12.5 cm total height.

The box on the 1/48 scale looks like this. The price is 8500 yen (7650 yen in the case of using ANA card).

The 1/144 scale seems to be a package in which the aircraft is drawn. The price is 3000 yen (2700 yen in case of using ANA card).

It was written that purchasing requires a special postcard. It is limited edition up to 3 per person per item. Please check catalog etc for Gundam collector that you plan to ride on Gundam Jet.

"ANA × GUNDAM SKY Project" started! │ Air ticket │ ANA domestic flight

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