When that Fujiya's Peko-chan has a haunting face & milky with pop candy and it becomes Nendoroid, it becomes like this

The Good Smile Company's 10th anniversary deformed figure "NendoroidFrom the series, Fujiya's "Peco-chanAppeared.Wonder Festival 2016 [Winter]It is cute and exhibited.

Guide to 2016 "Nendoroid"

Fujiya's character "Peco-chan" is indeed a Nendoroid.

Familiar sweets "Milky"When"Pop candyPeco who got it. It seems to be like this when deforming already deformed characters with Nendoroid's view of the world.

Nendoroid "Peko-chan" Tokyo Unique produces prototype production. It is scheduled to be released with a price of 3889 yen (excluding tax).

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