"Mitsuya white cider strawberry" tastes like a cake instead of condensed milk

It was released nationwide from November 29 (Wednesday) "Mitsuya White Cider StrawberryI bought it because I found it at a convenience store. By the middle of December it was a limited package, but the one I purchased was the heart version one of them. What kind of thing is the combination of "Mitsuya Cider" + "condensed milk" + "Ichigo Flavor"?

Details are as follows.
As you appealed condensed milk, skimmed skimmed condensed milk into raw materials. However, I can not find strawberries ...

Viewed from the side. It is a micro carbonic acid so we are shuffling.

Viewed from the top. The color is rich.

Pouring into a glass smells a little strawberry. When I drink it, the taste looks like a candy that was in a candy shop ... In the neighborhood is it a strawberry flavor of Hiyoshi? Because it is a slight carbonate, it does not look like condensed milk, but it has a sweet flavor. It was more like a Bubble Man series than Mitsuya Cider.

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