"Mitsuya White Cider Melon" has a more melonous taste than melon soda

Asahi Beverage bought "Mitsuya White Cider Melon" which is on sale only for Family Mart from June 12 and tried drinking. beforeWhite cider strawberryWhen I drank it was a cheap sweet taste, but this time it was a mildly flavored carbonated drink.

Details are as follows.
I am using condensed milk from Hokkaido.

These three secret of deliciousness. Although it is "fragrance gathered from melon etc.", what is being used other than the one melon?

Melon fruit juice does not seem to be contained.

I poured it into a glass. At first, fine bubbles appear, but they calm down soon.

Because it is a pretty dark color, the other side does not show through.

Irritation is weak with micro carbonic acid, but it is in harmony with the mellow sweetness of condensed milk and it can feel calm and drink. The scent of melon flavor and faint sweetness makes me feel the feeling of "melon drink" than green melon soda. People who are not good at carbonation are fine.

Mitsuya Cider's product information is below. "White Cider Melon" seems to be a product that was released around last summer.

Asahi Drinks | Mitsuya Gakuen

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