True green is beautiful "Melon Cola" tasting review

The green color of Sapporo drink's new product "Melon Cola" was too beautiful on the convenience store shelf, so I tried buying it unexpectedly.

When I was a child I mixed Melon Soda and Cola and made "Melon Cola" several times but when I mixed the caramel color of the green cola of Melon Soda, it became a dull color and the taste was Anyway, it looks so much ... only it was completed. However, this has become a green cola properly from the beginning. Does it have a taste like that properly?

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The label the penguin is drinking melon cola. It is a refreshing image.

Green is also vivid in eyes.

I have a color that looks bad for everything.

Coloring agent Yellow No. 4 and Blue No. 1 reproduce melon's green color.

46 kcal per 100 ml.

I poured it into a glass.

It is getting a bit cooler these days, but in the summer, it is the color I want to go goggy at a stroke.

The taste is a solid sweetness of sugar without using artificial sweetener. Carbonic acid is also tight, it feels like a sweet carbonated beverage like sweets. Due to the tightness of this carbonation, it is a wasteful melon cola that the flavor of the melon is slightly damped.

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