Nutrition drink flavored carbonated drink "Burn! Dodecamine" tasting review

Asahi Beverage has bought "Burn it! Dodecamine" which is newly released from April. Although it seems that hot flavor derived from capsicum is used, I did not feel capsule feeling when I drink it.

Review from below.
Asahi Beverage | Burn it! Dodecamine

Raw materials etc.

If it is nutrition ingredient display, it becomes 90 kcal if it is 500 ml.

cap. The Asahi logo is on top of the center, not in the center.

I poured it into a glass.

Feeling darker than Fanta Orange.

The taste is quite thin orange taste, but the carbonation is tight. It may be that you do not drink at once with Gubyubi because it is a nutritional drink flavor.

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