"Hatsune Miku ver.2" to become three-dimensional as figma of the 200th body, the real thing is like this

Wonder Festival 2013 [Winter]A good smile company's figma's new work, and it will become three-dimensional of the 200th totalHatsune Miku ver.2Since it was exhibited, I paid the real thing in the photograph.


The booth of the Good Smile Company where the exhibition was held

Making various characters as movable figures Three dimensional figures of figma's three-dimensional model is a new version of Hatsune Miku

It is on display like this

Product name is "Character · Vocaloid series 01 Hatsune Miku ver.2"The price and the release date are undecided. Maki Asai of MAX Factory Production

What was being exhibited was those under supervision

Whole body

Face is like this

Oblique profile

Hair translucent

Looking up it looks like this

The unpainted version that was in the Max Factory booth is like this

Kaito was also there. Also release date and price to be determined

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