The galactic map of the world of the movie "Star Wars"

The "Star Wars" series consists of 6 parts in total, a long time ago, a story far away from the galaxy. It is a map of such a galaxy in the world. When I looked for the planet that appeared in the movie, I was able to grasp what kind of position relationship it was, and I was surprised again by the breadth of the work stage.

Details are as follows.
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The capital city of the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire lies near the center of the galaxyCoruscant.

It is the hometown of Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker and there is a palace of Java the hutTatooine, The hometown of Amidala, Jar Jar BinksNaboo, With clone manufacturing facilitiesCaminoSuch.

The battle of Yavin where the Rebel Alliance defeated the Death Star of the Imperial Army took placeYavin.

The second Death Star is a giant starEndorIt is built on the satellite orbit of the end, where the battle of Enda was held on stage. Also,DagobaJedi Master Yoda was kept secret, and Luke trained to become a Jedi.

George Lucas initially tried not to make a map of the Star Wars galaxy, but the official map was first created in 2002. In addition to the stars that appeared in the movie, there are a lot of stars that set the stage for the spin-off work, so it's a very interesting map.

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