Valuable early original trailer of 'Star Wars Episode 5 / Empire's Counterattack' started

"Star Wars Episode 4 / New Hope"Followed by the original trailer of" Star Wars Episode 5 / Empire Strikes Back "on the YouTube official channel of Star Wars.

The Empire Strikes Back trailer - YouTube

It was built on the ice planet 'HOSE'Echo Base.

R2 - D2 nestling on the ice ground is also appearing.

Darth Vader with little intimidation ... ...

And, what is on the tone tone of the planet Hoso residence ......

It is Luke Skywalker who plays Mark Hamill.

All of this trailer was responsible for designing the "Star Wars" seriesRalph McQuarrieIt is made up of concept images by Mr. Mr. Mr.

Millennium Falcon issue ... ...

An Imperial battleship "Star Destroyer" will also appear.

And the scene of symbolic confrontation between Luke and Darth Vader, which is unfolded at the connection bridge of Cloud City 's exhaust shaft.

Cast is Luke Skywalker

Princess Leia

Han Solo

C-3 PO

R2 - D2

Han Solo's partner, Chewbacca

And the first appearance of this work in the Land Cali cyan

Finally, the Star Wars logo gets far away ... ...

It's the same as the original episode 4 trailer that explodes.

The episode 5 of the Star Wars series "Revenge of the Empire" was released in 1980. At this stage, it seems that the key character "Yoda" as the key of the movie and the scene of the symbolic "carbon freezing" where Han solo is frozen and transported were not included.

This is the actual trailer. You can see that the overall structure is followed by the original version published this time.

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back - Trailer - YouTube

Regarding the sequel to Star Wars, which is a major epic consisting of nine chapters, George Lucas initially said "I will not make any more movies", but by Disney who acquired LucasfilmEpisode 7 will be released in 2015It is a place I want to expect.

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