A movie in which an artistic sight has spread after high speed shooting of a painted speaker

Improved camera performance, iPhone 5s can shoot movies at 120 fpsSlow motion videoFunction is installed, VictorHi-Vision Memory Movie GC-P100Is the maximum600 fpsAlthough it became familiar with super slow shooting such as being able to shoot, the world of high speed shooting at the 2000 fps level is another thing. So farBig explosion spreading rubber bands on watermelonLet me say,What really happens when dropping a drop on the waterHas taken super fast shooting of 2500 frames per second using a super slow cameraThe Slow Mo GuysBut this time we succeeded in shooting an artistic movie with paint and speakers.

Paint on a Speaker at 2500 fps - The Slow Mo Guys - YouTube

What Ike is doing this time again is that "the Slow Mo Guys"Gavin FreeWithDaniel GruchyTwo people. Use audio speakers placed on the desk.

Somehow it is awesome from before shooting.

Pour the paint on the speaker cone without any hesitation. It is a scene that seems to faint when I see an audio fan.

Increase the volume of the audio body to the maximum. "Volume 11 is it! Waahahah!"

Paint is sticky to the speaker. In this state, I will sound the music at a loud volume. Press the play button ......

The paint jumped up!

Here is a picture of a high-speed camera. It jumps like a fungus grows.

It only looks like Enoki mushrooms. It seems that the reason why the orange part is not wavy is caused by the high viscosity compared with other colors.

Next time we exchange the lens of the camera with a macro lens and aim at the image from a closer distance.

Pour 4 color paint into the speaker ......

Music, start! It is!

From here, colorful paint jumps freely.

Even drops of paint that floats in the air, a splendid marble pattern. It seems that it will be healed mysteriously just by looking at it.

Although the Slow Mo Guys shows various super slow pictures, I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of interesting movie I will show next.

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