"Star Wars" original trailer revives and is on YouTube

The first movie was released in 1977, the movie "Star Wars" which depicts the story that a long time ago occurred in the distant galaxy far away. The work is part of a magnificent epic, and up to now 6 works of regular movie and numerous spin-off works are made, but the trailer as of 1976 when Star Wars was first released as a picture was restored It has started publishing on YouTube's Star Wars Official Channel.

Star Wars: Teaser Trailer - YouTube

It is said that it is a publicly-released video in terms of "special preview"

Beginning with a scene that separates the rocket after burning ... ...

Familiar with the series, the Imperial Army 's TIE fighter appeared.

It is Millennium Falcon that chased after this

Along with the narration "George Lucas of" American Graffiti "will serve as a director", only the gray lumps are shown on the screen.

The character that first appeared in the video was Chewbacca and Princess Leia

The reason why I hit the attack on TIE fighter ......

Luke Skywalker. It is the hero of this work.

Droid showing the seemingly injection and princess uneasy Princess Leia.

And Darth Vader also appeared

Although Han solo comes up with a scene to fight, because the scene with intense movement is so much expression is not clearly visible.

In the meantime, the place where the gray lump of the past approaches comes between the scene intervals, but in fact this was the logo of the work.

C-3 PO

Luke and R2-D2

Obi · One = Kenobi

Since the female character is only Princess Leia, there is also a kiss scene so it is definitely a heroine, but at this time the relationship with Luke was not revealed.

Sir Vader who shuts down soldiers

Tusken Raider, the original alien of the planet Tatooine on which Luke lives

The battle using Obi-One and Darth Vader's light saver is the climax of this work.

One of Tatooine's original residence aliens, R2 - D2 being beaten by Java.

And a logo that will be a big picture. Because it is different from the logo of the finished version which has become a design that letters are connected to each other, there is considerable discomfort.

Finally this logo will explode.

The movie was scheduled to be released in the summer when this trailer was released ...... but this trailer was in 1976, the movie was released in May in 1977, so the schedule was delayed for a while It seems.

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