Theatrical version "Star Trek" scheduled to be released next year, released a new trailer of HD picture quality

A new trailer for theatrical version "Star Trek" whose release schedule in the United States was postponed from December of this year to May 8, 2009 was released in HD image quality. There are also scenes of SF depictions using current CG technology, but there are scenes in which it looks like a TV series with a little retro atmosphere from now on, and it is content that fans can not miss .

Details are as below.
The trailer movie is from this link. In addition to the HD picture trailer, there are multiple sizes for iPod etc.
Apple - Trailers - Star Trek

First noticeIt was only a state of constructing the enterprise, but the second one is a full-scale trailer. You can also see flashy space warfare and Captain Kirk of the childhood and Spock.

The trailer is to be seen also on the official website of the movie.
Star Trek | Official Movie Site | In Theaters May 2009 | Star Trek Movie

As a story seems to be the story of Captain Kirk and Spock of the young era, it seems to be a movie full of action.

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