How was VFX of Millennium Falcon appearance scene made with "Star Wars / Force's Awakening"?

In "Star Wars / Force's Awakening", the protagonist Ray and Fin are attacked by the Imperial Army in the planet Jacu and they willingly get into the Millennium Falcon. This is an important choice to lead to the encounter with later Han solo, but a movie about VFX in a series of scenes from getting into this Millennium Falcon issue and dismissing the Imperial Army from that will be released It is.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Visual Effects Scene Breakdown - Falcon Escapes Jakku on Vimeo

IMAX camera used for shooting

There are various points of VFX in "Awakening of the Force", but in this movie, scenes escaping from the Imperial Army in the Millennium Falcon issue are featured.

First, Ray, Fin, BB-8, which is attacked where he is in the market.

I will aim at a ship to escape with a spaceship.

This scene was dashing nothing desert.

And a big explosion.

Space ships are synthesized later.

It's surprising Ray and Fin.

I will head towards the Millennium Falcon number, which seems to be missing.

In this scene, only a part of the Millennium Falcon number is assembled as a set, and the curtains of the green are also set up only in part.

Together with the Millennium Falcon issue is like this.

Including this scene, BB - 8 desperately rolling and moving ... ...

Actually, this BB - 8 is not CG, but a girl wearing green tights is rolling from behind.

I will get on the Millennium Falcon issue with the explosion in my back.

In this scene, BB - 8 is a composite.

The Millennium Falcon that jumps by maneuvering Ray.

Only the cockpit part is assembled separately, it moves up and down and right and left.

Movement is not Ray, but an operator is going out separately.

Millennium Falcon that fly while rubbing the aircraft.

The TIE fighter is approaching.

In the desert of Jacua, as a result of the previous battle, many starships crashed. It is becoming ruined now. The scene where the Millennium Falcon issue escapes there.

Half the engine part that was buried in the desert. You can see how the terrain and the engine were arranged.

"The Millennium Falcon number chased by the TIE fighter" was drawn at the time of concept art.

It is running away in the desert while raising the sand smoke.

Parts used as a graveyard of the Starship.

Further escape Millennium Falcon.

Ray decides to escape through the ruins.

This is also drawn with concept art.

It is a big sight of the opening part.

Firstly a passage in the ruins was made ... ...

The Millennium Falcon issue is placed ......

A chasing TIE fighter appeared.

Ultimately, fins sitting on the gun seat also have an active part, shooting down the TIE fighter.

And the Millennium Falcon issue .... That scene, but the background was made like this.

It is only a series of flows, but the work was made with such accumulation.

In addition, the movie 's BGM is used as a remix version of the music which was also used in the "Force of Awakening" trailer. You can listen at SoundCloud.

Star Wars SWTOR Theme Remix - Rise Of The Old Republic by Plasma 3 Music | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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