"Super a high speed train" Hyperloop (Hyper Loop) "advanced by Eleon Mask of SpaceX became a fierce muscle game" Break a Pod "

Mr. Earon Mask, who leads companies such as Tesla Motors, the world's largest EV (electric car) specialized maker, and Space X (space X), which promotes space development by the private sector, Next generation transportation system that runs at ultra high speed of over 1200 km / h "Hyper loopWe are making progress towards the realization of " Such a Hyper Loop concept is a dot picture that makes the 80s feel and a game reproduced in the world of BGM are "Break a Pod"is.

Break a Pod(Click to open sounds when opened)

That's why I actually tried playing like this. It is a tasteful game with really nostalgic dot picture and rectangular wave BGM.

I tried playing "Break a Pod" where the "Hyper Loop concept" became a fierce musgage - YouTube

When opening the page, the rectangular wave BGM reminiscent of the NES era begins to ring, a start screen appears. Since there are no setting items or logging in to SNS in particular, click "START".

Then, there is no countdown, etc., the game starts suddenly. In a vehicle "pod" used as a vehicle surrounded by a square in the hyper-loop concept, we simply aim to reach the goal safely by operating this pod so that it will not hit the walls of the upper and lower tubes as much as possible It is a scrolling race game. As for the operation method, "↑" is acceleration, "↓" is deceleration, "←" and "→" need to be balanced by adjusting the tilt of the pod so as not to roll.

The speed display on the lower left of the screen. If the vehicle speed becomes too fast, a warning "Slow down!" Appears. Actually, as speed increases, it crashes with a little momentum, so impossible is impossible.

If the pod is too tilted, it will be displayed as "Stabilize the pod now! (Now stabilize the pod!)" And if the correspondence is delayed ...

It is a very simple game called "Dokan".

Although I tried playing for a while, this is difficult to balance well, it will become "Dokan" with a little momentum or not understood well. The trick to grasp somehow is to avoid getting caught in the tube by floating the front side of the pod a little. It seems to be good to avoid tanning before.

Several stages are prepared in the game, and the stage of the moonlit night as below is a course for medium and high grade with a lot of ups and downs.

The stage where the spectacle like Savannah spreads is an exhilarating stage where speed is ridden exceptionally.

Besides this, the stage of snow and ...

Also in the forest stage.

If you accelerate too much, "POWER" at the bottom right of the screen will be too low, and you will get a message saying "Low on power!"

And, if you can run the stage of about 30 seconds safely, it is clear.

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