CG animation 'Hunted' showing Star Wars TIE fighter and X-wing dogfight


STAR WARS: Scordron ', which Electronic Arts plans to release on October 2, 2020, is a shooting game for PCs that fights as a pilot of the Imperial Army or Rebel Army / New Republic Army that appears in the Star Wars series. is. The short animation ' Hunted ' using the CG of 'STAR WARS: Scordron' has been released.

Star Wars: Squadrons – “Hunted” CG Short --YouTube

After the Battle of Endor depicted in ' Episode 6 / Return of the Jedi '. The empire's giant battleship, Star Destroyer, crosses the screen ...

Suddenly blows up and burns.

The Imperial Army, which suffered a great defeat in the Battle of Endor and became tiny, was already chased by the rebels.

Pilot of the TIE fighter of the Imperial Army to meet. The boss reflected in the hologram gives the order.

Behind the hologram, you can see the Imperial battleship collapsing while being wrapped in flames.

TIE fighters fly like weaving between the flames of the Imperial Army being calmed down by the rebels.

And the X-wing of the rebels who relentlessly chases the TIE fighter.

It seems that the TIE fighter could not avoid a fierce attack and was partially hit.

I'm trying to get to the mother ship and have it collected ...

Before shooting the tractor beam, the mother ship warped on a hyperdrive and disappeared.

An imperial pilot who is abandoned and drowsy.

The TIE fighter's radar was catching a huge number of enemies. It looks like he's completely surrounded by rebels.

To get through, the TIE fighter turns off the engine in the wreckage of his allies and tries to get through while pretending to be scrap.

The X-wing of the rebels who came around in such a wreckage.

An imperial pilot who holds his breath.

Gently grasp the control panel.

Aiming at the X wing ...

Trigger the machine gun.

A TIE fighter who runs away at a tremendous speed with the X wing pierced by the emptiness.

When the repositioned X-wing looks at the universe from the cockpit ...

The wreckage of the Imperial Army is being pulled by the gravity of the planet and falling.

A TIE fighter who rushes into the planet's atmosphere.

But I couldn't fool the eyes of the X-wing. The X-wing locks on the TIE fighter and launches missiles.

The rock face of the planet is reflected in the eyes of the TIE fighter pilot who manages to shake off the missile chase.

The wreckage that flutters in flames, like the rain of a meteorite.

If you are curious about the end of the battle between the TIE fighter and the X-wing, please see for yourself.

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