Luke Skywalker was killing himself to the extent that it seemed a miracle that he did not fall on the dark side

movies"Star Wars"Luke Skywalker who appeared in episode 4 · 5 · 6 of series, was the son of Anakin · Skywalker and Padmé · Amidala senator who turned to dark side and beat the galactic empire that Darth · Cidius founded It is a person like a messenger of justice that saved the galaxy. However, when you see a movie that counts the number of people and creatures killed by Luke in the movie, you know that you are killing so much that it falls on the dark side, and your father, Darth Vader, is also surprised I will.

LUKE SKYWALKER Movie Kill Count Supercut - YouTube

Luke who has received training from Ford from Yoda.

Yoda said "We see things through the Force, where we are away, to the future, to the past, to the past, to the old friends of old times" to Luke.

Luke who sees the past and the future by closing his eyes, increasing concentration.

Start of the kill count from here.

First of all, it is from "Star Wars episode 4". Luke disguised as a storm trooper within the first Death Star ......

Shoot and kill the soldiers of the Imperial Army at the blaster.

The second person also murdered with a blaster.

I knocked down another person in the fight and killed three people here.

The next killing is also from the battle inside Death Star.

Killing one person while protecting Princess Leia.

Luke is desperate and will shoot himself.

5 people ...

6 people and kill counts will increase steadily.

Luke trembling in anger.

Eventually, Death Star killed eight people.

Move the place, here in Millennium Falcon.

Defeat the TIE fighter who is approaching with skillful operation.

Luke shouting "Do it!"

The Imperial Army 's TIE fighter will be attacked by Luke without doing it.

Every time I destroy a TIE fighter, Luke shows the expression of delight.

In the fight between Millennium Falcon and TIE fighter, the kill count has increased to 10.

In the scene that will come to the end of episode 4, Luke who got into the X wing is triumphant.

Shoot down Chunchun and Blaster in Death Star ......

Two people who were in Death Star died.

Lock on TIE fighter.

I will release a blow of spirits.

TIE exploded with Tudor.

Grin and smile Luke.

The proton torpedo that Luke released next ... ...

It is sucked into the ventilation duct leading to the supermatter reactor.

Princess Leia who watches carefully.

When Luke leaves the Death Star ......

A big explosion of Death Star, the kill count reached 368,904 at a stroke. It was the moment of mass murder that remains in movie history. In the movie eraApproximately 1.7 million imperial forces reside on the first Death StarIt may be that the number of Imperial forces who died because of Luke blowing up was more than 1.7 million people.

Then one scene from the fight of Episode 5's Hosu. Attach to the lower abdomen of AT - AT with wire ......

Pick up the hatch with the lightsaber and throw the bomb into it.

More than 40 kills will be added by destroying AT-AT.

When you rescue Han solo from Java the hut, kill a huge creature and kill plus one.

By this time, Luke has grown to be a knight in a strong Jedi.

Luke who knocks down the enemies led by Java the hat with a lightsaber.

The enemy that was pushed down ... ...

I had been eaten by Sarlac who digested swallowed prey over 1000 years.

After that Luke will continue to defeat the enemy one after another.

At the end bomb blasted by about 500 ships of people and creatures.

Yoda is also surprised at Luke's full success.

The stage is the forest planet Endia.

Aimed at Storm Truper with a speeder bike.

A large explosion as it is.

It was Luke who was shaken off from the speeder bike ... ...

A lazy saver takes a speeder bike that fly at tremendous speed.

This was the last murder of Luke.

Luke awoke from a nightmare-like training.

Luke who saw that 360,470 people kill in the past and the future, falls from too much shock.

"I saw them, they are suffering."

Why is Yoda's laughing, "Ar ha ha ha ha".

Luke who tears a little tears says something, but gently shuts her mouth.

The number killed by Darth Vader, the father of Luke who fell to the dark side, throughout the series 6 episodesA total of 60 people. Luke has killed about 6000 times as many as his father in just three episodes. In addition, it seems that the droid is not included in the kill count.

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