"Donburied rice noodle duck tailored udon noodle" which is cold blown away with pear spicy soup with fermented rice oil Review

"Donbu duck duck soba" is a popular item whose cumulative number of foods exceeded 100 million meals, but as a udon menu limited to winter using "duck"Duck tailored rice noodle dumpling udon noodles"Has appeared. Since there is also a dish called "meat soba" with larceny oil, it seems to be compatible to put the oil in a duck soup, but what happens if you eat udon with duck sashimi dressed in bean oil? I checked it.

"Duck noodle tailored for Nissin's Donburi Rice Oil" (released on November 16) | Nissin Food Group

The package looks something like this.

It was written as "multiplication of delicious taste to be habitual" in "duck and barrage oil".

Looking at the raw materials, duck extract is contained in the soup and duck as animal fat and oil. Is it a flavor oil as a rice oil?

Inside there is a liquid pot and a first-come-first-served mackerel.

In a bag quickly with dried onions, flavored duck meat · fried bean.

When putting in water, put hot water and wait for 5 minutes. It is OK if you warm the liquid sprinkle on the lid.

When it is time to put liquid spit, it is completed.

Contents is like this. Along with a Japanese style duck soupy soy sauce scent, you can feel the spicy fragrance unique to rice oil.

Lark oil floats on the surface in some places, but the sushi itself is brownish in color.

I will eat noodles at once. A duck with a little sweetness is outstandingly compatible with the tasty flavor of rice oil, and if you like meat soba, there is no doubt a combination. Because the flavor is rough, it is a problem level even for people who are not good at bitterness. People who think "If you do not have ducks!" May think that, on the contrary, few people like udon will like it.

Seasoned dumplings are like this, you can feel the deliciousness of the meat and the meat when you eat.

A sliced ​​onion cut with hot water was also doing a good job.

Although sashira is a dark eye, it is a taste to become a habit of drinking goboggu.

As for the flavor, the flavor was about the same, so I tried to add the oil in addition. It is a caution to put too much, but because it smells more concentrated rice oil, we recommend adding additional oil if there is oil.

In addition, "Duck noodle tailored for Donbira rice oil" is one 366 kcal, and the price is 194 yen including tax.

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