"DINO RUN" an action game full of speed that makes dinosaurs grow by eating eggs while escaping at full speed from the attacking disaster

Speaking of the sideways scrolling action game, the title of exhilarating speed feeling"Sonic the hedgehog"Although it comes to mind, "DINO RUN" is a browser-based action game incorporating up to growth elements while having a sense of speed like Sonic.

Although it is a retro feel and a loose atmosphere dot picture, the pressure of debris flow that attacks from behind is tense enough. The field is made quite extensively, and hidden elements are scattered all over, and it becomes a game which can be felt considerably while playing action game in conjunction with growth factors.

The actual game screen and details are from the following.- D IN O * R U N -

"DINO RUN" title screen.

From "Options + Speedruns" you can select difficulty level. Start with "medium".

From "Stats" you can check the status and score of your dinosaur.

To raise the status of the dinosaurs, you need to gather 'empirical values' DNA'. One DNA in eight eggs and one DNA with eight bones appear during the game. Because addition of DNA is done at the stage of clearing the stage, even if you do not clear the stage even if you do not clear the stage it will not add up.

Besides that, a big egg called Super Egg is hidden during the stage, you can score greatly by eating this, and Super Egg you get is recorded in Stats.

In addition, each time you clear special conditions such as "Eat eggs 500" or "Ride on a rolling rock for 10 seconds" a score is added as a milestone, which is also recorded in Stats.

Items that temporarily enhance the ability of dinosaurs also appeared during the game, eating shimmering flowers improves speed, eating purple tree nuts will increase jumping power. The above-mentioned super egg is arranged in such a place that it can not be taken just by proceeding normally, but by using these items effectively, it can reach the place where super egg is placed It will look like.

You can start the game as it is, but you can create your own name data by clicking "Create New Player" and join the online ranking.

Enter a name.

Click "Start Running" on the right side of the menu screen to start the game.

Level 1's stage starts when you start the game.

Immediately after the stage starts, a meteoric storm comes down. A large earthquake begins with the fall of the meteorite, and debris flow hits from the left side of the screen. Let's get away with full speed towards the right side of the screen.

As you run away, various living things and terrain disturb you. Let's work well and proceed.

The key operation is very simple, you can go left and right with the left and right arrow keys (or A, D keys), jump with the up arrow key (or W key), and crouch down with the down arrow key (or S key). Some obstacles can eat as much as you can while jumping, bones are added by eating living things, and you can acquire DNA after clearing the stage.

Occasionally obstacles that seem to be only obstructive at first glance are useful in some cases. You can ride on the back of Stegosaurus and use it instead of the jumping table.

When you clear the stage, DNA will be added, checking out the eggs and bones you got at that stage.

When the DNA reaches a certain value, it becomes possible to grow and you can raise the parameter by paying the DNA. Pay 10 DNA and up "Accel".

Press the space key to start the next stage.

When I got used to it, I got in tune, I misunderstood the route and miserably.

I got buried alive.

If there are remaining machines it is possible to start over from the beginning of the stage with the space key, but if it is annihilated it will start over from the game start. However, since the number of eggs acquired and the parameters that have been grown are recorded, you can also power up dinosaurs by doing it over and over again.

Take it back and challenge again.

This time I will pass the route above properly. There are many branches in the stage, there are also hidden elements in each route, so there is a sense close to the so-called "remember ga" that plays repeatedly and develops the route repeatedly, and does not grow the dinosaur I also notice myself that I am steadily improving within some time to redo.

Level 2 is clear as well.

When it comes to Level 3, branching becomes complicated, and there are scenes where you are forced to judge whether you go underground or on the ground.

You can not escape the debris flow already if you have walked normally as you come here.

I was caught in a debris flow.

When the remaining machine runs out, the character "Extinct" appears and games over. Press the ESC key to return to the menu screen and start over from the stage of Level 1.

Next time we will go using the topography and living things. By catching on Pteranodon, it is possible to fly and move in the sky.

You can also take eggs that could not be taken in the first play, if you remember the route.

You can see super egg in the upper left. Although I want to manage somehow, apparently it seems necessary to successfully guide Triceratops. Debris flow is coming closer, and this time I went through crying.

Level 3 is also cleared and further power up.

"Super Egg: 0/1" is displayed on the clear screen. You can see that you missed Super Egg here.

As you advance the stage, you will come across even more living creatures and obstacles.

A huge dinosaur bone.

Get a lot of bones.

If it only clears normally, it will be over in about 1 hour to 2 hours, but if you search for super eggs or collect milestones, the elements will increase rapidly and you will be transformed into a game that you can play for days . As the score obtained by raising the degree of difficulty rises further, let's try to change people from a "medium" to "hard" or "insain!" To try further.

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