Headline news on January 8, 2016

From Y! Mobile Sharp's new smartphone "AQUOS Xx - Y 404 SH"When"AQUOS CRYSTAL Y 2 403 SH"Will be released later in early February.

AQUOS Xx - Y is equipped with a 5.7 inch (1920 × 1080) liquid crystal display. SoC is Snapdragon 810, memory is 3 GB, storage is 32 GB. Battery capacity is 3000 mAh and it is said to have batteries that exceed 3 days.

It adopts the thin "EDGEST" frame design, and has its own backlight & color filter "S-Pure LED" to further improve the reproducibility of all three primary colors of light.

The 13.1 million pixel rear camera is equipped with a bright lens with an F value of 1.9. It is also possible to shoot a super slow image at a speed of 1/70 by 210 high speed photographs per second. The collective price in Y! Mobile online store is 64,800 yen (tax included).

AQUOS CRYSTAL Y 2 is equipped with a 5.2 inch (1280 × 720) liquid crystal display and is waterproof frameless construction. SoC is Snapdragon 400, memory is 2 GB, storage is 16 GB.

Color variations look like this. In addition, SIM lock can be canceled after 180 days have elapsed for both AQUOS Xx - Y - AQUOS CRYSTAL Y 2.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

I tried using "NEW Yakitori Stalls" that can juice yakitori alone at 2000 yen level - GIGAZINE

A smart rifle that can be shot even with a moving target 1.6 km ahead equipped with Linux "Mile Maker" - GIGAZINE

Intel made small PC "Compute Stick" palm-sized to be plugged into the monitor and used - GIGAZINE

Can I avoid a leap second bug by adding "leap second" which one day increases by 1 second in 2015? - GIGAZINE

I tried using a high-end monitor "UP 2715 K" that can display 4 K video with plenty as it is 5 K size - GIGAZINE

What is the structure of a music player application "SoundFocus" made for people with hearing impairment? - GIGAZINE

What is "100 yen morning set meal" that you can eat hot rice, miso soup and side dishes at 100 yen? - GIGAZINE

Intel Announces "Edison" Ultra-Small Computer of the Same Size as SD Card - GIGAZINE

BMW develops the world's first "Automatically drivable car" at CES - GIGAZINE

Sony announces "Xperia Z" with waterproof and dustproof 5-inch full HD display - GIGAZINE

I processed the nose hair in just 5 seconds, I tried using the electric etiquette cutter "Panasonic ER-GN50-H" which can also prepare beard and eyebrows - GIGAZINE

I went to see him because there was a shocking figure in Guatemala - GIGAZINE

All you can eat oysterfly / raw oysters / baked oysters All you went to "GUMBO & OYSTER BAR Namba Parks Store" - GIGAZINE

Male who won about 300 million yen in the lottery at the age of 17, the hardship of money constantly constantly lonely death at the age of 29 years old - GIGAZINE

An environment-friendly mobile phone concept model moving from cola, emerged from NOKIA - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)

What is J PRIDE: [sad news] Twitter of Ori Kaneko with a mistake flames

【Seiwee w】 Kurihara kind, I was completely forecasting the riot of Becky wwwwww | Rabbit bulletin

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Current affairs dot com: "Iceman" also Helicobacter pylori = middle-age mila 5300 years ago - it is unknown whether gastric ulcer

Dinosaur's "courtship ceremony" or discovery of the Cretaceous trace fossils 2 pictures International News: AFPBB News

Malaria medicine, Ebola also effective ... Patient mortality decline: medical news: yomiDr./ Yomi Doctor (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Chameleon's tongue, turned out to be accelerated at 264 times the gravity | National Geographic Japan Edition site

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
North Korea's hydrogen bomb experiment announcement, experts skeptical 1 photo International news: AFPBB News

North Korea's nuclear test, rice "Detected 2 weeks ago" Collect air: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"The possibility that the threat to Japan has increased, even if it is not a hydrogen bomb" The boost type pointed out by overseas media | Politics · Election platform 【Political mountain】

(Auto playback attention)Korea Reports 'Advertisement Broadcasting' for North Korea on August 8

Turbulent Korean Peninsula. Japan's victory against Korean diplomacy thanks to "North threat" Yukihi Hasegawa "Deep in News" | Contemporary Business [Kodansha]

Iran, "Saudi air strikes the Yemeni embassy in the United States" Allied forces denied 4 pictures International News: AFPBB News

EU 'withdrawal' vote approaches soon | Colin Joyce | Column & Blog | Newsweek Japan Official Site

【What happened to Rikyu】 What happened is a fishing boat drifting to the coast of Japan ... a civilian collapse and epidemic spread, a dangerous awakening effect that the first secret of Kim went off (1/5 page) - Sankei News

According to North Korean refugees involved in fishing, there are not a few fishermen who brought a stimulant that is easier to carry than a liquor to a ship in order to distract fatigue and cold. In 2007, the North Korean defectors who fled the ship to Aomori Prefecture possessed a stimulant as "Do not Sleep".
However, abuse is pointed out the danger of sudden death by poisoning, and it is thought that the fishermen who took the stimulant and steered (suddenly) collapsed suddenly. Either way, even if the number of dead bodies drifting in Japan is counted, it is inevitable to say that measures to improve the livelihood of Kim First Secretary, which forces excessive sacrifice on the scene, are collapsing because of the collapse.

Mao Zedong's ghost that China can not get rid of quite easily Voices to praise civilization which can still be heard | JBpress (Japan Business Press)

Reason why overseas luxury hotels began adopting "Hiroshima Kaki" | Japan is proud! Food Brand Ikeda Yoko | Diamond Online

Buddha football fan knocked in, wedding party broke down 1 mistake picture International news: AFPBB News

Current affairs dot com: female raid, occurred in various places in Europe = information on refugee plan asbestos

More than 100 cases of German "collective crime" damage report! Still why did the media keep silent? "Refugee problem" to become taboo | Kawaguchi Mann Emi "Stuttgart communication" | Modern business [Kodansha]

"Survival seminar" to protect yourself from guns, great success in rice - WSJ

Prime Minister Abe makes a pension dangerously his own wallet with legal amendment

The salaries paid by salaried workers and individual business operators on a national pension and welfare pension are 135 trillion yen.
This is managed by GPIF (pension reserve fund management operation / independent administrative corporation). However, GPIF (government) is prohibited from operating under the law "pension reserve fund management operation / independent administrative corporation law".
However, it is said that the amendment of the law will cause this depression to be lost. The Abe government (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) submits a revision proposal of "pension reserve fund management and independent administrative corporation law" to the current Diet session.

Hokkaido "District prefecture theory": divided into multiple prefectures ... Liberal Dōjo started debating - Mainichi Newspaper

【NHK Chairman's Chairman Regular Interview】 "Is this OK to say?" New Year's appreciation of Arashi and Tackey's performance "Scandinavian article" and scenes that complain about the newspaper (1/7 page) - Sankei News

Stop the Chinese stock market circuit breaker NHK News

"Circuit breaker" was introduced from the 4th of this month to prevent sudden fluctuations in stock price, and when the reference stock index changed by 5%, all transactions were suspended for 15 minutes and fluctuated 7% In case it is supposed to cut off the deal on that day.
On the Chinese stock market, the stock price plunged from the first day of introduction of the system, the transaction was terminated, the transaction was closed in only 30 minutes from the start on July 7, and the stock exchange in Shanghai and Shenzhen Shen Late And others announced that it would temporarily stop the system of haste.
Regarding this system, it has been pointed out that the selling orders of investors who are afraid of being unable to sell shares whose value has been lowered are conversely being induced, and the Chinese securities regulators also "We have not reached the expected effect but have promoted a decline in stock prices, and the negative impact is larger now".

Concern about EU and Polish media law amendment NHK News

The new administration has launched policies to expand the authority of the government one after another, and the president signed the draft amendment of the media law on the 7th. With this, the current president of the public television and radio is dismissed, the ministers in charge of the new president are decided, and the new administration aims to raise the influence of the government on public broadcasting.

Appearance to Yuuko Kuniya of NHK "Kurosu" until March: Asahi Shimbun Digital

According to the NHK officials, the large-scale project development center in charge of crawls urged strongly to continue, but the upper part decided at the end of last year a policy to "reform the contents".

On Mr. Kensuke Miyazaki's discussion on declaration of lawmakers 'diplomatic office: Takeshi Hashimoto (Hashimoto' s blog)

In fact, the goal is quite simple. Since attending the plenary session is not a duty but a right, the principal may submit a notice of absence and rest. There is no legal obligation for anything else, and it is only within the party that a colleague should follow up such as a replacement.

Employees of NHK subsidiaries "Apparel" partly from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Lucky bags of books, enjoying opening by borrowing Fukuoka / Chikugo library: Asahi Shimbun Digital

In recent years, attempts spreading in various libraries. In the same building, we set two or three recommended books for each theme such as "When something goes wrong" "Hakone Ekiden".
Lucky bags prepared for 54 adults and children, for lending until the end of this month. "In a new year, try meeting new books that you do not pick up as usual" and the staff.

Eight painting press division accuses behind the TV program production company "Attitude like giant" - Livedoor News

Business stoppage to chemometer 110 days, partial product shipment accepted: society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Boys' dream, popular upgrade of 'driver' First time in 4th: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Electronic money, fraud damage suddenly increased convenience unnecessary confirmation of misuse Abuse: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Influenza: It's been maddening nationwide with warm winter - Mainichi Newspapers

(Auto playback attention)For warm winter trends for vegetable giant creators, "life and death problems"

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
When Chiba prefecture brings peanuts to souvenirs, it is pretty exciting, so please give me to think - Togetter Summary

11 consecutive holidays possible in August? It is! Holidays from 2016 to August 11 "Mountain days" | Men's hack

Railway News Weekly (1) 140 yen at the ticket 1035.4 km "Big ride" to decide "Fierce" appearing | My navigation news

Sweet consciousness of "unable" or "can not do" infesting in the company wastes huge system investment | management's "accounting brain" that can win | diamond online

Average annual income "Top 500 companies in Tokyo" ranking | Company ranking | Toyo economic online | New standards of economic news

Looking at the medium term "marriage marriage" is so effective! | Late Married Mr. Welcome! | Toyo economic online | New standards of economic news

It is regrettable! "Blind spots" of people who just end up busy | Leadership · Culture · Qualification · Skills | Toyo Keizai Online | New criteria for economic news

Career, do not lose with hasty "black certification" | here sales division women's section | Toyo economic online | new standards of economic news

A trap to the awesome poverty hidden in "collective payment" of child support allowance | Real of welfare protection - Our tomorrow? Miwa-Soshiko | Diamond Online

The secret of "The signboard" seen from the train window of the Shinkansen bullet train | The train window of the Shinkansen is so interesting | Toyo Keizai online | New criteria for economic news

This is a cosmetic manufacturer headquartered in Osaka, a signboard of Seven to Seven (outdoor advertisement).
Seven-to-Seven is a manufacturer with a sales channel such as a beauty shop, general consumers can not purchase products at a drugstore or the like. So, we have set up signboards along the Shinkansen line from 1979, with "Let's know company name with impact of 727" (Seven to Seven, Mr. Yusuke Isojima).

A way to avoid taxi drivers' way of 'English' | The latest Weekly Toyo Economy | Toyo Keizai online | New criteria for economic news

MK Known under the name "MK taxi". It is a company that is mainly a taxi · hire business with its head office in Kyoto, a world tourist city. When a taxi is stopped, a driver comes out, opening and closing the door, etc., a fine customer service is gaining user's evaluation.
English training is what MK Kei is actively working on to capture demand for tourism visit to Japan.

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A stick PC of 9,980 yen actually appears from Dospara, weighs about 42 g - AKIBA PC Hotline!

ASCII.jp: Demonstrating VR machine "GALAX VISION" released soon at BUY MORE

Binding for snowboarding cooperating with iPhone is being exhibited, made by Cerevo - AKIBA PC Hotline!

Hermitage Akihabara - "Skylake version Celeron will soon" (1/7) · · A certain shop clerk

ASCII.jp: Sony's CES 2016 lifestyle appeal also does not show "Next" Home electronics strategy by Nishida Sumika | CES 2016 Report

I called up for PC repair within 2 hours by phone! Customer rush to unlikely service | Behind the scenes of hit product development | Diamond Online

Pepper Evolution, Better World Sales Improvement of Watson's Function Dialogue Enhancement (1/2 Pages) - Sankei Biz (Sankei Biz)

Sabae City, Application Using Beacon with Library "Mackerel and Map" Application for Searching the Location of Books with Smart Ho - ITmedia News

Ship flying over the sea Jetfoil, Tokyo - Izu Oshima round trip 6000 yen Up to 45% off | Riding News

New Wi-Fi spot "LinkNYC" launched in the city of New York - New York economic newspaper

Analyze the patent of "Grandpa's note" Kiyoshi Kurihara

[CES16] Korea Kia, launching new brand ... specialized in automatic driving technology | response

McLaren world sale is new record, the effect of selling five cars at a time ... 2015 | Response

IBM utilizes artificial intelligence for diabetes care IBM collaborates with leading medical device companies (1/2 page) - SankeiBiz (Sankei Biz)

About 1% of the entire Internet can be browsed with search engines! Entity of the deep web | Senri High School Press Division

"Lunch with employee identification" is dangerous: Nikkei Business Online

As soon as possible, I will first introduce a checklist that I often use to make initial prospects on the organization's information leakage risk.

Please remember the interactions and behaviors of your company, please check if there are applicable items.

□ There are many people to CC by e-mail
□ Take the incoming call on the train or during the meeting
□ I am working with a PC outside without attaching a peep prevention seat
□ I take pictures of my whiteboard at my workplace on my personal smartphone
□ I do not like "good" only for work related postings on SNS
□ I often take pictures at work visits and posting
□ Place the smartphone on the meeting desk or meal table
□ Eating lunch outside the company while lowering the employee ID card from the head

For organizations that have a lot of applicable cases, we anticipate that the risk of information leakage as an organization is high from the sweetness of employees' information management awareness, so we will investigate them in more detail.

The last page of the article describes the reason why the above can be judged as dangerous.

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Splatoon "Squid ink Jack Mascot" Discovered in Yodobashi Umeda Gacha | INS-MAGAZINE.ORG

【Trailer】 "Kamen Rider Ghost Legend! Rider's soul "- YouTube

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Maechen Physical examination reveals "irregular points" reveals "There is no fear" - Sponichi Annex baseball

Maeken "I'm Proud" Dodgers Conference Jersey Number 18: What's Jiyui Stadium @ N J Summary

Army of the Giants June Taiwan expedition domestic visitors also 60 races a year - Baseball: Nikkan Sports

Former Hanshin · Toshijiro Adachi suddenly died in 92 years draft Mr. Matsui's first place (1/3 page) - Baseball - SANSPO.COM (Sansupo)

【Sad news】 Kubukuro Tsubo, make it by live broadcasting: Kini speed

274: If the wind blows, it has no name @ \ (^ o ^) /: 2016/01/07 (Thurs) 16: 40: 04.02 ID: cY2Dhnof0.net
The extreme part of Guess

Soccer to introduce video judgment. Pilot experimental operation from next season | football channel | full of football information!

◆ Premier ◆ Chance of each team control tower Comparison of makeup ability Arsenal's Ezil is overwhelming

Dolt Kagawa Shinji 2nd, Mainz Muto Yoshinori 7 German kicker magazine ranked first half

◆ Column ◆ High School Football World · · · Many leaders exercise devotion against small players - Kaneko Kaneko

◆ J League ◆ Director Offer Refused Refused Proclamation "The Meaning Strategy" Okuma Suetto C Osaka Strayed Backstage

281: U - Nameless Mr. live comment · \ (^ o ^) / It is 2016/01/07 (Thursday) 17: 25: 18.40 ID: 6xSWX49E0.net
· There is no decision to decide on strengthening manager
· The story that has advanced is terminated without permission
· Internal promotion is disliked from Yanmar

what's this…

◆ Sad news ◆ Glyco disappears from Shimizu Epulse New Season Uni of J2 relegation

"In the middle of the Japanese delegation" Tamashi Usami's evolution and future talk | Gexaca [Kodansha]

When the sky suffers from malignant lymphoma Anticancer drug treatment / Sports / Daily Sports online

Mayweather, boxing circle also mentioned "women's players with" racism "and Japanese people 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

Nakamura Shinzo pro exits and goes to WWE! Japan's best wrestling character in the world flapping in the world

AJ, Anderson, Gallows also went to WWE

Okada 'Truth of the WWE transfer coverage'

On the New National Stadium Problem

Anyway, looking from overseas, "Japan first chose Zaha Hadid in the international competition, wanted to do it all together and put in trouble, finally the Prime Minister said" return the result of that competition back to blank paper " As a result, as a result of excluding Zaha as a result, we once again competed with a Japanese architect, a Japanese design company and a Japanese general contractor again, is it qualified to be an international competition in such a country? " There will be no choice. This is a major problem concerning Japan's international credit. Nevertheless, it is probably a problem that this problem is hardly communicated by the mass media itself. Again, I personally do not think that this proposal of Za Ha is particularly outstanding. But at least it was chosen by a public international competition. Moreover, Zaha has been consistently saying that it is ready to revise the plan according to reality, and I have been presenting a number of revision proposals and recommendations for cost reductions in reality. I will unilaterally eliminate the Zaha and decide a new plan only between two Japanese general contractors, even though it is a competition. If it is Japan's current situation that Prime Minister Shinzo's "based on heirloom" is largely affirmative, there is no other saying that the future of Japan's architectural world, which has been highly regarded in the world, is dark. When Kenzo Tange, who designed the Yoyogi Stadium in the 1964 Tokyo Competition, saw this disaster (or if Yusaku Kamekura who designed the poster saw plagiarism about the emblem) what did you say exactly?

"Mighty So" Crihem, a giant whale and a spectacular battle! "The fight with white whale" main part video - Cinema Today

Yemon, "Monkey Year" for the first time in 15 years Resurrection Arena Tour 20 Performances from May | ORICON STYLE

"Guess's extreme girl." New album name is "bossa loser"! Topics on the Net - ViRATES [Bailets]

Guess' extreme maiden. - It's not good to be a boss-knockout - YouTube

Becky appeared CM partly on air replacement / entertainment / daily sports online

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
"Kilfe Bonn" 12 kinds of tart of Yamadori strawberries gathering Strawberry Week held only for 7 days in one year held - Model press

On January 15th, "Ichigo no ichi" ♥ "Family Mart" also appeared strawberry sweets one after another! | "Delicious stuff ❤" picture book | DAILY MORE

"Ichigo type chocolate" points California's Valentine Flavor | Latest gourmet news | JOSHI +

Kommeda coffee shop is sweet and bittersweet "Chara noir" this year too! Two caramel sauces play warm harmony - Eat

I wrapped the cream with rice cake! Beard Papa's new work is "White Snow Tough Shoe": Tokyo Bargain Mania

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