A list of 50 buzzwords of 2015 trendy word grand prixes Summary, "Swords girls" "Dragenai" "Goro Maru pose" etc.

Fifty words of candidates for "You Yuan new word · buzz word grand prix" to choose new words and fashionable words that appeared in one year were announced. The terms such as "bombshell", "Osaka capital city concept", "my number" that were talked about by the public, phrases such as "Dragenai" "Lasungorarei" "Fukuyama Rossu (Rossu Rossu)" that everyone has heard Some words have words that have not been heard at all from some people, so I will list each term with a brief explanation. The annual award of 2014 is "No way ~ No good"Right of collective self-defense"The remaining top ten is"As it is"Carp girls"Wall Dong"Dangerous drug"Have a nice day"Matahara"Yo-kai watch"legend"was.

New word · buzzword grand prix

2015 Yu CAN NEWS / Trendy Language Grand Prix Nominees

◆ Bombsheet

Chinese tourists "There is no budget" "Buy only want to buy" "Bombshell" Does the airport mess up with baggage, can you load it in the cabin - BIGLOBE news

Television stations reported the exciting shopping of Chinese tourists called "bombshell". When I come to the downtown area with a large sightseeing bus, I am in a duty free shop straight. Electric appliances, cosmetics, foods are purchased one after another.

"BackGuy" which can also search how much profit is gained by Chinese "bomb explosion" - GIGAZINE

◆ Inbound

Inbound - Wikipedia

To attract foreign travelers to their own country. Foreign language that refers to tourists coming to Japan from abroad. It is known for the visit · Japan · campaign which began from 2002 (Heisei 14) according to "Policy on Economic Fiscal Management and Structural Reform 2002" as a measure of the administration ⇒ Visits to Japan

◆ Swords girls

【Japan's argument】 Swords girls, now rushed to Mito Popular "Candlestick Sekko Tadashi" tears of tears (1/3 page) - Sankei News

There is a beautiful boy character (swordsmen) who personified the candlestick Kagami Tadashi in the popular online game "Tenka Ranbu - ONLINE -", and some women tears in front of "the real thing". These "swords girls" are "haunting" nationwide, and it is not the first time to visit Ibaraki prefecture in fact.

Touken Ranbu "Mikazuki Muneika" "Kiyomitsu Kaitsu" "Kofu round" etc to hand swing size swords male - GIGAZINE

◆ Love River

What is Love Liver (with Love Liver) [Word Articles]

Love Liber is a name for "Love Live!" Fans. Early there was a name called Loveland member, but now it is almost unified in Love River.

Nine Love Rivers challenge the schedule on stage "Everybody with Piyonpyo ♪ Scaffe" - GIGAZINE

◆ Ago Quii

Next to the wall dong is chin! Is it? Woman's chest cheer sitting chin careful thorough commentary - NAVER summary

"Chin Kui", as its name suggests, can lightly lift the jaws quietly.

◆ Dragenai

Middle aged and older men do not know "Dragenai"? : Nikkei Business Online

What is Dragenai (with Dragenai) [Word Articles] - Nico Nico Douga

Dragenai is the sky of SEKAI NO OWARI's song "Dragon Night".

Dragenai spread around mainly in his teens and 20s and a large amount of collar image of a transceiver type microphone that Fukase who is vocal of SEKAI NO OWARI had had spread on the Internet.

Mues also piggyback on the Dragenai phenomenon.

However, Fukase does not seem to know how to use Dragenai.

◆ Pro

Professional What is her? Commentary Actual condition of their surprises - Gnoche

About the professional girls, if we summarize the points three points ...

1. Although professional girlfriend originally meant irony, recently it has begun to spread even in the sense of perfect sheep with no inconvenience.

2. Professional girls began to gather particular attention on NHK · E TELE's "Negorin Horin" program.

3. Professional She checks the state of her meal in the mirror, examines the male magazine, changes the hairstyle during the dressing up etc "How are you watching from men?" We value ourselves "and work hard every day.

Mr. Michiko Nohmachi, a creator of "Professional Woman", delight in entrance to the popular word prize "Can be written in the awards column of resume!" | ORICON STYLE

◆ Lasgin Golayrai

What is Lasungorarei (What is Lasungorarei) [Word Articles] - Nico Nico Douga

Comedy comedy "8.6 seconds bazooka" story.

【Official】 8.6 seconds Bazooka "Lasungorarei" - YouTube

Because it is warm.

What is it? (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) [Word Articles] - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Because it is warm ♪ ♪ is a phrase in 'idol song comic' which is one of the storyteller (comedy combination), and its title itself.

Bearbear - it's warm it ♪ - YouTube

A bearbug, a buzzword for a trendy word grand prize candidate "Because I want to take it anymore" | ORICON STYLE

◆ Yes, rebuild!

Pleasant TV Scuff and Japan - Fuji TV

T-SITE news entrepreneur [T-SITE] "Yes, Refuse" by Ms. Iyami Chief, Kinoshita Hinaka "unexpected career"

Popular with "SKAT and Japan"! Baba manager role · Mr. Kinoshita Honka's boyfriend's face | Asa Graphics Plus

◆ Please be relieved, I will wear it.

Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd Performer Profile | Anyhow Brighter Yasumura

Anyway a bright Yasumura - Wikipedia

I'm playing a part to show off "naked looking pose" in various settings with one pants. Say "Please rest assured, I'll wear it" to the bridge and take a pose as a digest at the end of the story. It was the cover of Watanabe Maemps First Photo Album that became a hint of neta

◆ Fukuyama Ross (Ross)

Kobe Newspaper NEXT | Life | "Marriage Fukuyama" "Fainting" a deep sense of loss, why?

There were women who fell into the world "Fukuyama Ross" and "Ross" in succession. Comments of injuries to the net jumped over and the stock price of entertainment production belonging to Mr. Fukuyama plummeted the day after the announcement. Chief Cabinet Secretary Kannoe We mentioned.

◆ Everlasting, Shuzo!

Amazon.co.jp: (Nikkuri) Everlasting, Shuzo!: Matsuoka Shuzo: Books

On the date of PHP, Japan's cheering headmaster Mr. Shuzo Matsuoka appeared! The author's first dawn that added a new work of writing down to the topic "Shuzo Written" published from the official website. Thirty hot words and four special messages, as well as unique photographs unique to the author, taken down for this work, delivers energetic and smiling faces every day for all Japanese.
"From today you are the fountain!" "If you want to have yourself, become a mackerel!"

◆ Sparks

Comedy combination "Peace" Naoki Naichi Authentic novel "Spark" written for the first time This story penetrates the center of the person's heart | Special site |

The play began after the entertainment seniors and juniors met like fate. What is laughter, what does man live for?

Netflix visualizes and exclusive distribution of Nobuyoshi Naichi's novel "spark" that won the Akutagawa prize - GIGAZINE

◆ Commit to the results

Commit to the results, concept of rises | RIZAP [Lizap] Private private room private gym

Meaning of commit - English-Japanese dictionary Weblio dictionary

[Undertake a specific purpose / responsibility] to promise [to]

Goro Maru pose

Which is correct, "Goromaru pose" himself "Everyone, there is not enough research yet": J-CAST News

The thumb combines the right hand downward, and the index fingers stick together. The remaining fingers of the left hand fold inward and the middle finger and ring finger of the right hand float. The right hand is on the top, 4 fingers standing. This is said to be the correct "Goro Maru pose".

◆ Triple Three

Taka Yanagida × Swallow Yamada Triple Three Showdown Attention: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Two people who achieved "Triple Three" of batting percentage, 30 homeruns and 30 stolen basses for the first time in 13 years will hit in the Japanese series.

◆ 100 million active in society

Achieve 100 million total achievement society | Prime Minister's official residence homepage

"One hundred million total success" Specific prescription to realize society | Japanese finance in a crossroads | Toyo economic online | Business site for a new generation leader

"One hundred million total achievement" means that, by using the words indicated at the first meeting, "Each Japanese, everyone, at home, at work, in the community, with a sense of living, a fulfilling life Being able to send "is appropriate. The word "active" includes "to live a fuller life."

◆ Emblem

【Outside the Sankei Shimbun】 Tokyo Olympic Emblem no longer being used [PDF]

Following the problems pointed out that the emblem of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 is similar to the Belgian Theater Logo, the Organizing Committee of the Congress has decided to stop using the emblem designed by Mr. Kenjiro Sano on January 1

Pacri Design Summary 【Sano Kenjiro】 Update from time to time - NAVER Summary

Policy to stop the Tokyo Olympic emblem from being used by the organizing committee - GIGAZINE

A senior citizen

At the press conference held by the organizing committee with the abandonment of the Tokyo Olympic emblem, it was difficult to obtain the conviction of "the general public" ", etc. Since he spoke a word of" general public "several times, As a contrast, the word "senior citizen" became a topic.

What is a senior citizen (What is it?) [Word Articles] - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nikkan Gendai | Senior citizen at the Olympic logo riot symposium abnormal situation of Dammari

[Sad] Olympic Organizing Committee "Understanding by senior citizens, but it is difficult for ordinary people to convince this explanation"

167: Midnight Express (Hyogo) @ \ (^ o ^) / 2015/09/01 (Tue) 19: 28: 07.07 ID: n6J5Q + rL0.net
I have not seen the Bomblee meeting
Did you really say senior citizens or the general public?

189: King Kong Nee Drop (East Japan) @ \ (^ o ^) / 2015/09/01 (Tue) 19: 30: 06.68 ID: yvuz3vUz0.net
>> 167
Although advanced is a story, the way of saying is exactly like "they are senior"
It was the way of saying completely down the "general public"

◆ withdrawing a blank sheet

Government on the planning of the new National Stadium, new design within six months: Asahi Shimbun Digital

New National Stadium Development Plan Background Verification Committee (4th) Delivery Material: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology


"I AM KENJI" Voice to release freely, spreading to the world: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The sum of "I AM KENJI" wishing for hostage release is spreading all over the world - NAVER Summary

I Am Kenji (@IAmKenji_Offic) | Twitter


◆ I am not Abe

Nikkan Gendai | Mr. Shigeaki Koga talks about "I am not Abe" remark

By saying "I am not Abe", I wanted to say that Mr. Abe's idea should be denied in order to protect the lives of the Japanese. Please look at the preamble of the Constitution. Japan makes friends with every country, and through it, makes the basic idea to open the way to world peace. It is not permissible under the constitution to make people who do not attack Japan be enemies. This philosophy is in common with Mr. Goto's idea. "I am Kenji" is not it. You should appeal such things, otherwise the Japanese will become the target of terrorism all over the world.

◆ silently

【Puzzle】 What is the meaning of phrases heavily used by politicians? Chief Cabinet Secretary Yuko Kan talks about "No future use" (Okinawa base problem)

Chief Cabinet Secretary Kanji Imi told reporters in a morning press conference on April 6 that it repeatedly said that the US military Futenma Air Station (Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture) moved relocation work to Henoko Nago City " I showed my idea of ​​stopping in the future. Since he was criticized as "from the top" by Okinawa prefecture Okinawa prefecture governor Yusuke Oga (Oga Takeshi) on 5th, I decided to change the expression.

Minister Kan "I do not use" quietly "" From the top is said to be a line of sight: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ Unbroken correspondence

"Improve domestic legislation enabling unbroken response" Cabinet decision on new basic policy on security legislation | Diet | News | Liberal Democratic Party

The Cabinet decision said that "In order to actively contribute to the peace and stability of the international community more than ever, it is necessary to develop domestic legislation that enables unbroken response," ▽ infringement not leading to an armed attack ▽ further contribution to the peace and stability of the international community ▽ measures of self-defense allowed under Article 9 of the Constitution ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0

◆ Survival crisis situation

The existential crisis situation is one of the three conditions that is the prerequisite for using collective self-defense rights.

One question answer "About the development of an unbroken security legislation to protect the public and to protect the people"

An armed attack against Japan occurred or an armed attack on another country closely related to Japan occurred which caused the threat of the existence of our country and the right to pursue the lives, freedoms and happiness of the citizens is basically overcome There is obvious risk

◆ Rushing guard

What is rushing guards - Kotobank

Duties towards help when the United Nations, private NGO officials and other soldiers from other countries are attacked by armed groups and others in remote locations. The government is to obtain information from the local security authorities and units of the UN PKO, and decide to decide on implementation based on the judgment of the SDF's captain. It is rushing that the Self Defense Force can respond by securing safety ▽ It is said that it can respond more quickly than the local security authorities and troops of other countries.

◆ People's understanding is not deepened

In a discussion on security-related law, Mr. Shigeru Ishiaki, local creation minister, and Prime Minister Abe made remarks to acknowledge that the public's understanding of the security-related law has not progressed.

Current affairs dot com: "Do not advance national understanding" = Mr. Ishihisa

About the Security Bill Abe Prime Minister Abe "Although the people's understanding is not progressing, it is the committee that decides whether to vote

◆ Label pasting

What is "labeling" where the prime minister is stuck? Eight times in answer: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Do not yield to terrorism

Prime Minister Abe "Do not Submit to Terror" Relations Ministerial Conference on Islamic Hostage Case | Reuters

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe emphasized that he will put all his power as a government in the fight against tough times and "I will never yield to terrorism".

◆ Ask questions quickly

In the Diet deliberations on the Security Bill on May 28, 2015, deliberation suspended temporarily due to Prime Minister Abe 's flying yaji during the question of the Democratic Party of Japan's Cabinet member Kiyomi Tsujimoto.

Prime Minister "Ask questions as soon as possible" irrational frustration in opposition party firefighters: 47 topics - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

"Ask a question quickly, because it is not a speech." House of Representatives House of Representatives Peace and Security Law Special Committee on 28th. The Prime Minister repeatedly tossed a knife from his / her seat repeatedly in pursuit of Democratic Party Mr. Tsujimoto Kiyomi political representative.

When Mr. Tsujimoto who did not stand up said that the prime minister had repeatedly answered, the committee became turbulent and the deliberation stopped. The prime minister was forced to apologize, "I want to apologize if the words were a little strong."

Prime Minister later thanked Mr. Democratic protests for apology.

Prime Minister "Ask questions as soon as possible" Yaji Democrat protest acceptance Chen Xie: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ Do not allow Abe politics

Citizens who were angered by the forced voting of the security related bills held at the House of Representatives posted a post that was written that "Abe politics will not be tolerated" when they demonstrated protests throughout the country on July 18, 2015 It showed intention of protest.
2015/07/18 Mr. Hara Hara, a journalist who interviewed the security conflict, throughout Japan "Although the 60-year security was only mobilized but now different, democracy is one by one IWJ Independent Web Journal

The opposition of many citizens was pressed down, and security bills related to security in the House of Representatives, so-called "war bill" were forcibly voted. Citizens who were angry with this raised a post that was written on July 18 (Sat), 2015, throughout the country, "We do not allow Abe politics", and showed intention to protest.

◆ War Bill

On July 17, the House of Representatives passed the House of Representatives, and on September 19 the government approved at the House of Council passed forwardPeace and security legislationAnother name for.

Although the name is a peace and security legislation, as for the contents of the law, it participates in the war of the allied country America without being indiscriminately complicated, as a result, the risk of getting involved in the war of the overseas which did not do originally increases, or , It is said that it is a war bill or a war preparatory law because there is also a view that the risk of receiving a counterattack from a country that exercised force increases.

Prime Minister Abe has stiffly repeled as "irresponsible" against the way the "war bill" is called.

Prime Minister Abe, against the opposition party's "war bill" fiercely replying "Fearless uneasiness, completely irresponsible": J-CAST News

Some opposition parties refuted again that the name "war legislation" used in the opposition party is "to irritate unfounded uncertainty and totally irresponsible". If it is a "war bill," it was "a criticism", it is totally different. "

Forces that oppose the bill stiflely condemn the Japanese as a bill to be involved in war.

We do not forgive violation of the Constitutional Stop War Bill - Feature

The identity of the "security legal system" is a war bill that carries Article 9 of the Constitution. Three major problems became faded by the Diet debate.

◆ Liberal Democratic Party, feel bad

Liberal Democratic Party Shigeru Ishizaki Local People's Creation Dialogue on the intimidating remarks of Liberal Democratic Party members to the media in a meeting with parliamentarians who support themselves.

"# Liberal feeling is bad, is not it?" Twitter is exciting from Mr. Shigeru Ishiaki's remarks

"Liberal Democratic Party, I feel bad" When it spreads to the crisis Mr. Ishihisa: Asahi Shimbun Digital

It is my experience that the LDP is rattling when it comes to crisis when the public's consciousness gradually increases, saying "somewhat the Liberal Democratic Party, feeling bad". Policy is important, but we must keep in mind that "disgusting feeling" will spread among people.

I do not want to recall three and a half years (when the LDP is in the opposition party), but if I forget that, the LDP will lose support from the people. Since the 1st and 2nd graders (lawmakers) do not know the opposition age, it is our job to tell them that it was "like this". (At a meeting of parliamentarians who support Mr. Ishihisa)

◆ Shields (SEALDs)

For student organizations such as security related laws and amendments to the constitution, the official name is 'student emergency action for freedom and democracy'.


SEALDs (Shields: Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy - s) is an urgent action by students to defend free and democratic Japan. The young generation is from the teens to the early twenties. We think and act.

We respect the tradition of freedom and democracy of this country which has been built in 70 years after the war. And I would like to observe the value of the Japanese Constitution as its foundation. The idea of ​​peace constitution in this country is an incomplete project which has not yet been achieved. At present, in order to protect the Japanese constitution which is at stake, we express a clear vision in three fields of constitutionalism, living security and security.

While "protest democracy is cool" gathering support by spreading protests against security legislation etc with the motto, voices calling for criticism have also been raised, and it is said that both pros and cons.

◆ Taruma, obsolete

"Terumashi, Dissolved!" High-school student demonstrations in Shibuya are new - NAVER Summary

【Military affairs of Noguchi Hiroyuku】 Ampo bill "Draft ballistic plan" Just Ampo opponent demonstrations against China ... (1/5 page) - Sankei News

Junior and senior high school students also participated in demonstrations that opposed security bills, but I read the phrase of placards raised by girls' high school students, but it was "???" in the second column that will celebrate the 60th in two years later .

"Taruma draft"

"Tentatively, well," he abbreviated "youth word" or something. For the small column it was "Taruma big harvest". People who do not know the contents of the bill will be brainwashed easily with the left wing and media 'war bill' label affixed .... "Tarimasu" three characters, as evidenced in frightfulness of the frightening of politics.

◆ Osaka Municipal Plan

Osaka Municipal Conception We eliminate the waste of dual administration. Create rich Osaka.

What is the Osaka Municipal Plan (Osaka and Housou) - Kotobank

A plan to dismantle the two cities of Osaka prefecture and ordinance designated city (Osaka city · Sakai city) and to establish Osaka Municipality consisting of 10 to 12 special autonomous regions. The goal is to eliminate wastefulness of double administrations of the prefecture and the city, aiming at the revitalization of Osaka where ground subsidence is remarkable by improving the industrial base and strengthening economic competitiveness. In 2010, Toru Hashigasha of Osaka Governor of the time (Toru Hashimoto Toruo) proposed.

◆ My number

My number Social Security · Tax number system

My number is a number that is assigned to everyone who has a resident card one by one, efficiently manage information in the field of social security, tax, disaster countermeasures, information of individuals present in multiple institutions It is used to confirm that it is the same person's information.

◆ Downstream Elderly

Amazon.co.jp: Downward Elderly 100 Million Total Shock of Collapse (Asahi Shoten): Takanori Fujita: Books

Fifty patterns of 90% of elderly people falling into poverty "Downstream Old Man" | dot. Dot Asahi Newspaper Publishing

Mr. Fujita roughly classified the pattern in which the elderly fall into poverty among "Downstream Elderly".
【1】 It costs expensive medical expenses due to his illness and accident
【2】 I can not move in elderly care facilities
【3】 Child leaning towards parent by working poor or withdrawal
【4】 Mature divorce
[5] Even in dementia there are no families that can rely around

◆ Challenge

The word of the devil who ran Toshiba illegally with organizational organization "Challenge" | Toshiba Issue Report | Editorial department | Mainichi Shimbun "Economic Premier"

Three successive presidents called "challenge" and requested each business division to make excessive performance improvements. The report describes the details in detail. The numerical targets indicated in the form of "challenge" at the meeting attended by the president were positioned as essential amounts of achievement, and we set out on each business division with severe pressure.

The word "challenge" was the keyword that Toshiba ran illegally with organization.

◆ Owhajara

"Summer Owlhara" case study that was despised by the student this summer | News & amp; Analysis | Diamond Online

A job hunting line in 2015 where the schedule has been drastically reversed after the request of the government. However, it further disperses the adoption schedule for each company, and as a result, in this year's hometown, as a result, we will enclose the applicant so that the applicant will not go to the interview of another company or decline the declaration. "Owhajara (harassment harassment)" It rampanted.

Job hunting Owhajara became a problem for just this reason | "Young Old Age" Tsunemi Yohei Goes | Toyo Keizai Online | Business Site for a New Generation Leader

Actual condition of "Owhajara" to force candidates to finish their hometowns | ES / selection information etc. Japan's largest job hunting information site "Hometown Akamon"

What is "hiring job harassment"? - YouTube

◆ Super Moon

What is Super Moon (ー ー ー ー ー む ー ん) - Kotobank

Have you already seen it? Huge full moon ... Mid autumn Full Moon & Super Moon, Kanto etc to expect "bright moon view" - Sankei news

The place where supermoon can be seen tonight (Nikki Forecast) - Japan Weather Association tenki.jp

Tonight is the full moon, but the moon is the biggest and brightest since it is closest to the earth in a year.
I call this a super moon.

◆ Hokuriku Shinkansen

Train Information> Hokuriku Shinkansen: JR East Japan

In 1997, the Hokuriku Shinkansen started partly as a "Nagano Shinkansen" between Tokyo Station and Nagano Station. On March 14, 2015, Nagano Station - Kanazawa station opened, and we will connect the Tokyo Station - Kanazawa station with the new Shinkansen "E7 series" in the shortest time of 2 hours and 28 minutes.

The complex thought of Toyama prefecture who do not rejoice in Hokuriku Shinkansen | Frontline of railway | Toyo economic online | Business site for new generation leaders

Approximately 58 km east of Kanazawa, in Toyama, it is not stained with the pleasures as much as Kanazawa. In the background, the circumstances of the community rooted in the history and culture of Hokuriku lie down.

"It was inconvenient to head for Kansai anyway." Many citizens meet. With the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen, the time between Toyama and Tokyo has been shortened from the shortest 3 hours 11 minutes to 2 hours and 8 minutes, and the transfer at the Joetsu Shinkansen and Echigo Yuzawa was canceled. Meanwhile, the limited express "Thunderbird" connecting Hokuriku and Osaka stops traveling between Kanazawa and Toyama, so passengers coming and going between Toyama and Kansai will be forced to transfer at Kanazawa. "Osaka got far away" dissatisfaction is a form that is canceling half the pleasure of "Tokyo has gotten closer".

According to the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen, the following article covered how the Toyama area railway and Toyama orbit line got on under the elevated Toyama station.

Tramway train that made a new line in downtown · Toyama region railway I came on Toyama city orbit line - GIGAZINE

From March 2015, all the crew of the Hokuriku Shinkansen will carry an iPad, but the following article covered the situation.

I watched what kind of KDDI's iPad was introduced to the Shinkansen to "increase the potential of the Shinkansen" - GIGAZINE

◆ Drone

What is the difference between "Drone" and "Radio Control Helicopter"? | Can be read in one minute !! [What is the difference?

"Drone" refers to a miniaturized unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) among autonomous mobile terminal robots originally developed for military use, and in recent years commercial and private uses are on the rise as well.
For military use, the US military is already in operation as a reconnaissance, and for commercial use Amazon, Google, Domino Pizza, etc. have announced the operation for delivery of goods and are developing repeatedly.
"Drone" has a variety of shapes, but in general it is mainstream multi-coater type with multiple rotors (rotating blades) and capable of stable flight.
Among the multi-coater type, the quad-cotter type equipped with four rotors is sold inexpensive ready-made items for hobby, and it is also used for personal use such as enjoying aerial photographs, but the risk of crash accident There are also fears that it can be abused by terrorism and terrorism and regulations are becoming full-scale in each country.

The reason why Drone became known to the world in Japan is the crash in the prime minister's official residence.

Drone falls in the Prime Minister's official residence No injured person: Nikkei newspaper

In GIGAZINE, as described below, various drones have been posted as articles.

Everyone can easily shoot HD movies and iPhone / iPad become controllers Try shooting the sun tower with "AR Drone 2" - GIGAZINE

I attached a gimbal H3-3D to quad copter Phantom 2 and tried to take aerial photograph with GoPro HERO 3 - GIGAZINE

Reviewing "DJI Phantom 2 Vision +" skipping and shooting various things Review - GIGAZINE

Amazon finally gets a test flight permission from Drone and takes one step toward realizing drone delivery - GIGAZINE

Fathers who follow daughter's daughter's school commute to the topic - GIGAZINE

"World's first smart drone" 3DR company announces collaboration business with Japanese companies, holding a press conference with Chris Anderson CEO - GIGAZINE

Drone capable of flying at high speed while fully obstructing obstacles - GIGAZINE

◆ Minimalist

surprise! "I do not have a thing" life | Feature collection Whole: | NHK News Good morning Japan

Among them, the key word which attracts attention is "Minimalist". People who live only by "minimal things" as much as possible by reducing personal belongings as much as possible. The lifestyle is empathizing with a focus on the young generation.

Saif "Saif" Dash 4.0 Wallet for handmade carrying only a few cards and cash with palm size - GIGAZINE

◆ Routines

Originally "routine" that refers to "a set of determined movements, a defined sequence of actions". Attention was gained by the routine before the kick of Japanese delegate Goromaru Ayumi who played a major part in the Rugby World Cup 2015.

Rugby Japanese representative Goro Maru Ayumu kick before mystery "ritual" - YouTube


Abbreviated "moral harassment" of mental violence and harassment by morals. While Morahara in the workplace was seen as a social problem, responses from executives of Mr. Ali 's moving company gathered attention as moraha and power hara.

Mr. Ali's Moving Company "Chase Room" Incident Company Protest Behavior October 1, 2015 Disarmament dismissed Even though it was withdrawn, the "guilty papers" were increasing! - YouTube

Ali's Mo moving company has also been nominated for the 4th black company.

Summary of companies and organizations nominated for the 4th Black Company Award in 2015 Summary - GIGAZINE

◆ Frenemy

"Friend" was an "enemy"! Fear of "Frénemy girls" 4 features and defense law (1/3) - mimot. (Mimot)

Friend (friend) + Enemy (enemy) is coined from "enemies pretending to be friends". How-to about how to distinguish Freneme is also becoming popular.

◆ Third Wave Coffee

Major eating and drinking also enter! What is "third wave coffee"? - Nikkei Trendy Net

The third wave is a movement that took place since the late 1990s. It is a new coffee culture pursuing a way of brewing that emphasizes the bean production area and brings out the characteristics of beans to the maximum. Many of the brands of coffee so far are displayed in the country unit, and it was common that coffee beans produced in several farms were blended. On the other hand, the third wave focuses on "single origin" which uses only coffee beans harvested from a single kind of seedlings. As the taste of wine varies depending on the production site of grapes, the taste differs depending on the cultivar variety / production method of coffee. "It is the appeal of single Origin coffee" (Umeno president) that you can taste individuality such as varieties and land climate directly like wine by using a single coffee bean without blending.

The blue bottle coffee that became synonymous with third wave coffee has also been posted in the article.

I went to a new type of coffee chain "Blue Bottle Coffee" to drip a cup of coffee beans selected carefully - GIGAZINE

I went to "Aoyama Cafe" at the 2nd store in "Blue Bottle Coffee" and tried a limited menu - GIGAZINE

Starbucks also took the wave of the third wave coffee and opened stores in a new store in Seattle, USA.

I went to a new business store of Starba with roast tally conscious of blue bottle - GIGAZINE

◆ Ogurored

Easy to convince if you make it! Delicious! The charm of "Ogirura": Major Komachi: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

"Ogirurazu" comes out in the world, Vol. 22 of "Cooking Papa" (Kodansha) published in 1991. It was the opportunity that was featured as entitled "Super easy rice ball rice ball".

According to the Kodansha, "Ogurarazura" was invented by Mr. Ueyama Tachi's author, "Cooking Papa" author. It seems that Mr. Ueyama introduced the things made at home in the work with recipes. By the way, naming was due to Mr. Ueyama, and it was said that it was surprised that it was taken up as a topic by being picked up on the internet and being taken up by 20 years after its appearance, I am very happy.

Oiragirasu devised with cooking daddy appeared in the popular search word of cooking recipe site cookpad, and more popularity got lit. It is also ranked in 10 hot topic recipes of Cookpad Award 2014.

The Grand Prize is "Salmon Lemon", "Recipe 10 talked about this year with" Cookpad Award 2014 "is decided - GIGAZINE

It is also appearing at Hokka Hokkatei.

I tried three types of "Hokka Hokkatei Osamu Gurasaru" which a popular side dish was packed full of rice ahead of time - GIGAZINE

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The new word / buzzword grand prize of 2015 is "Is bomb"When"Triple threeIt was announced that it was elected the annual grand prize. It was.

2015 Presentation of Youucan New Language / Trendy Word Grand Prize

Annual Grand Prize
◆ Bombsheet
Mr. Luo Yi (President, Laox Co., Ltd.)

◆ Triple Three
Yuji Yanagida (Fukuoka Softbank Hawks)
Tetsuji Yamada (Tokyo Yakult Swallows)

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