A list of 50 buzzwords of 2014 trendy word grand prix. Conclusion, "There are STAP cells" "Ghost writer" "Sleeping interview" etc.

Fifty words of candidates for "New word · buzzword grand prix" to choose new words and fashionable words that appeared in one year were announced. From the things everyone has heard, words are words that have not been heard at all by some people. The annual award of 2013 is "Right now!"Also me"Jeje hee"Double"was.

Basic knowledge selection of contemporary terminology 2014 Youucan new word · buzzword grand prize candidate word

New word · buzzword grand prix 2014 nominee word

◆ There are STAP cells

Haruko Kosakata "There are STAP cells!" Q & A summary

Q: Do you have STAP cells

Oboe: There are STAP cells.

Finally succeeded in creating STAP cells and began selling for only 200 pieces, also an unfavorable recipe will be released - GIGAZINE

Haruko Kobukata gave a big topic by affirming that "There are STAP cells" when I made a press conference on STAP cell papers.

◆ No idea ~

What is "Nippon Electric Kitty Association" hit by Dutch wife "Dameyo ~, Dame Dame": J-CAST News

"Dameyo ~, Dame Tame" - When a woman serving as a dutch wife of whitening makeup receives a mechanical voice, it gets dogged. A female comedy combination "Nippon Electric Kitty Association" to showcase the mysterious worldview control is popular.

The contest that hit the most is "Talkative Wife Series Widow Akumi Chan 3". Nakano san's elderly man and thin shells hold hands of "Akemi-chan" and sit down with Neri.
"My life has changed since I met Akumi-chan.You taught me the joy of falling in love with this gijii" "Ne ~ Nice, is not it ~"
A thin beard of beard appeals to his head with his own hands, but only from the white painted "Ayumi-chan" "Dameyo -, Dameidama" comes out. It is the scenario that it becomes clear that she is a failed Dutch wife.

◆ Religo

"Anna snow phenomenon" can not stop. Everyone says "RELIGO ♪": Major Komachi: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

What is Let It Go (Religor is) [Word Articles]

Let It Go is the theme song of the Disney movie "Anna and the Snow Queen".

As it is

"Anna and the Snow Queen MovieNEX" Let It Go - As It is ~ / Elsa (Matsu Takako) - YouTube

◆ Ghost Writer

Mr. Mamoru Samura, composer, Mr. Mamoru Samura, who was actually composing for 18 years as a ghost writer, announced the whole story. The trigger for the decision was that the figure skater Daisuke Takahashi will use Mr. Samura Kouchi's song at the Sochi Olympics and worried that even Takahashi, not only himself, will bear the lie of a lie.

Samura Kouchi's "Ghost Writer" Takashi Aragaki Interview Nocturn 01 (14/02/06) - YouTube

◆ Yokai Watch

Youkai Watch - Wikipedia

"Yokai Watch" (Yokai Watch) is Nintendo 3DS exclusive game software released from Level 5 on July 11, 2013. Level 5 crossmedia project work following "Inazuma Eleven" series, "Cardboard Warfare" series. As was the case with the preceding two works, it was planned on the premise of multimedia expansion by comics and animation etc.

Media tie-ups are mainly conducted by Shogakukan's "Monthly Collocoro Comics" and "Chao", and they are also in charge of serializing serialized versions. From January 8, 2014 TV anime version was also broadcast, became very popular. On January 11 of the same year, a toy of youkai medals was released, popular among elementary school students, becoming a popular item to be thinned. Becoming a social phenomenon, he won the second place in the 2014 hit item ranking chosen by Nikkei Trendy, and was elected as a grand prize at Shogakukan DIME Trend Grand Prize.

◆ Shining lady

Shining female support conference | Prime Minister's official homepage

On March 28, Heisei Prime Minister Abe attended the Shining Women Support Council at the Prime Minister's Office.

In today's meeting, there was more remark than "shining women" about what is necessary to shine, various future leaders declared future action declaration.

Prime Minister Abe said in the greetings as follows.
"Listen to various stories from everyone of the" shining women ", the women who are working can demonstrate their abilities, be able to do full-fledged activities while raising their parents, those who are at home now, I believe that "we must create a" society where all women shine "to be able to play an active part, and to work steadily in fields such as science and engineering fields and agriculture.

◆ Ebola hemorrhagic fever

West African Ebola hemorrhagic fever outbreak in 2014 - Wikipedia

Ebola hemorrhagic fever that develops due to Ebola virus with the strongest infectivity and toxicity belonging to Biosafety Level 4 began to epidemic in West Africa including Guinea from around December 2013, around June 2014 The infection has rapidly expanded and is becoming a serious situation.

It has already been posted in GIGAZINE that it will gradually become more serious with the following feeling.

Death toll in Ebola bleeding fever increased to 160 people, contrary to the government's expectation infected people increased - GIGAZINE

What helps to spread infection with Ebola hemorrhagic fever? - GIGAZINE

29 people infected on the day the hundreds of residents cried, "There is no Ebola", the cause is the plundering of medical facilities by the armed group's attacks - GIGAZINE

Growing infection of Ebola hemorrhagic fever exceeding 50% fatalities is summarized as follows: - GIGAZINE

Ebola bleeding fever infection patient first confirmed in the USA, now under isolated environment - GIGAZINE

The nurse of the American who was in the treatment of Ebola hemorrhagic fever infection, the possibility that infected persons are also unknown due to unknown circumstances - GIGAZINE

"Clipboard man" of protective clothing appeared while carrying Ebola hemorrhagic fever patient - GIGAZINE

A movie whose understanding of the "Ebola virus's work" indispensable for containment of Ebola bleeding heat progresses - GIGAZINE

◆ Bit Coin

What is the virtual currency "Bitcoin" and how it works is summarized in one shot - GIGAZINE

Summary of things I would like to know to perfectly understand the virtual currency "Bitcoin" - GIGAZINE

Initially it began to be used conveniently because of the sharp deal on the net as "it can not stand", and the speculative meaning became stronger, one of them became a bubble development that caused a major collapse , I felt a boom around the world with the following feeling.

What is the influence that the illegal drug site "Silk Road" gave to the virtual currency "Bitcoin"? - GIGAZINE

What are the 10 reasons that Bitcoin's price is rising so steeply? - GIGAZINE

Why does China cause global Bitcoin price soaring? - GIGAZINE

Trouble with MtGox applying for civil rehabilitation procedure and future Bitcoin - GIGAZINE

◆ Back building

Back Build phenomenon - Kotobank

A cumulonimbus cloud occurs continuously in the windward direction, and in the leeward it rains continuously and descends. Cumulonimbus in the windward (backward) is named because it seems that the building is lined up so that the building stands forest. The usual cumulonimbus climbs rain of about 20 mm per hour in an extremely narrow area and disappears, but in the backbuilding phenomenon cumulonimbus occurs one after another and keeps raging fierce rain of around 100 mm in a relatively wide range in one hour . It is considered difficult to predict the occurrence time and place. In Japan, torrential rains that caused damage in Okinawa Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture in July 2013, etc. in Yamaguchi / Shimane prefecture, etc, are thought to be caused by the cumulonimbus backbuilding phenomenon.

Localized torrential rain and cumulonimbus clouds can occur anywhere in Hiroshima landslide disaster "Backbuilding phenomenon" (1/2) - ITmedia News

◆ Masaru

【Hiroshima Mudslide】 It got up again ... Broken "Masami" geology Hiroshima prefecture has the highest number of sediment-related disasters (1/2 pages) - Sankei News

In Hiroshima City where a lot of casualties were caught by landslides, in 1999, many victims were issued due to sediment-related disasters caused by the Baiu front. In Hiroshima prefecture, the geology called "Masami" created by the weathered flower (gang) rock spreads and it is easy for plenty of rainfall to collapse because it contains a lot of moisture.

◆ Salt Lemon

NHK 'Asahichi' of June 19 on 'Solving! Gohan","Ham lemon flavor of chicken breast meat"I meanIt was introducedIt was the chance. What has been spreading since this time is rapidlyClearly visualizedIt is said that it spreads. As the reputation was good, NHK further added "Let's hit the remaining heat with salt lemon! | Up! And Hotto | Hiruma Hotto | NHK @ Metropolitan areaBy clarifying that "salt lemon" is stated, "Yubuki check "Salt Lemon" | NHK"That's why I'm posting how to make a" topic all-purpose seasoning salt lemon ".

◆ Side view

Luncheon - lovers at 3 pm on weekdays - Fuji TV

Aya Ueto is playing an adultery wife,The final viewer rating marks 16%. For the contents, Reiko Mitokori who is a gimmick, the following articles that the producer replies are easy to understand.

Even though she is adulffy, her heart breasts ... the woman's heart that made it obsessed with "a day face": Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Fuji TV series drama "Lunchtime - Lovers at 3 pm on weekdays" is a hot topic. The viewing rate of the tenth episode of the 18th broadcast was 16.7%, the highest rating. After sending her husband to the company, housewife "housewife day wife" who falls in love with other men in the daytime properly performs housework, the main character. Women who are married are unmarried women in their 20s and 40s. There is a drama of adultery in the past, but why is drawing attention? Before the final round of tomorrow, I asked the producer Reiko Misao (Miso).

In the drama two "housewife romance" progresses. Mr. Mikiko Yoshise, a very ordinary housewife who plays in part to buy my home for the home purchase, played by Ueto Aya, and her husband is a celebrity wife of a female magazine editor, Toshiko Takigawa ( 39). Saka goes beyond a line with a high school teacher (Saito Ko), so that she will always be led by Rikiko who has a partner other than her husband. Rikiko who had been suffering from insults on dryness also plunged into a painter of an affair partner (Kazuki Kitamura).

◆ Umbrella Revolution

"Hong Kong democratization demoSo, the first trigger was a clash in the demonstration activities under democratization demands of September 28, which occurred in Hong Kong below.

Students demanding democracy clash with police force - Hong Kong - WSJ

I used an "umbrella" to avoid tear gas bullets and showed my intention to protest, so it is called an umbrella revolution.

Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong Once Umbrella is a symbol of harmony - WSJ

This protest action came to be called "Umbrella Revolution", as Hong Kong's democratic protesters spreading umbrellas to replace police tear gas spread all over the world on weekends.

◆ Trickle down

What is trickle down - Hatena keyword

Trickle-down theory is the theory or hypothesis that rich people become financially prosperous, ultimately enriching the poor, and enriching the wealth throughout.

◆ Islamic countries

Islamic country - Wikipedia

Muslim Sunni armed organization "Islamic State of Iraq / Syria (ISIS)"Declare the establishment of an Islamic state with the highest leader of Caliph as successor to Muhammad on June 29What you did.

Also in JapanHokkaido University student planning to travel to ISISSet up "Private warfare and conspiracy charges"It was a situation to hear circumstances on charges of.

Festival Day

Saito Unichiro's Constitution Journal »" The Constitution can be changed by one Cabinet Council so July 1 is the National Day of Declaration "

After all, it was Mr. Ueno Chizuko. I can not reproduce exactly, but the significance is as follows.
"To exercise collective self-defense rights, that Japan will become an accomplice of the American war, the Constitution should not allow such things. Nevertheless, the decision of the Cabinet is a matter of government at times I approached it.
The Constitution can be changed by one cabinet so July 1st will be the anniversary of the Declaration
Originally, the law should not be trampled on occasion demands of politics. Now the lawyer has the responsibility to regain confidence in the lost law.

When I was young I have a memory of adults saying "Who did this in the world". How can we reply by the same youth from today's youth? You should not do it now before World War II, which should have been after the war. "

◆ dengue fever

What is dengue

Dengue virus infections mediated by mosquitoes such as Aedes aegypti. Dengue virus belongs to the Flaviviridae family and there are four serotypes. There are relatively mild dengue fever and severe dengue hemorrhagic fevers.

Dengue virus was detected from the mosquitoes in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, which caused the park to be closed at one time.

【Dengue fever】 Virus mosquitoes confirmed at 4 places To partly shut down Yoyogi Park - Sankei news

◆ Midorimushi

Our partner, Midorimushi. | Research, development, manufacture and sale of Euglena - Euglena (Japanese name: Midorimushi) |

Euglena Corporation
"Another future. - Midorimushi rescues the earth -"
Having raised a message saying, I am standing day and night.
By the power of Midorimushi, I pledge to change the uneasy future to a bright one,
I will seriously realize it.

Why are you so inclined to passionate about midorimushi?
If you know the possibility of Midorimushi, I think you will understand why.

Therefore, it has 59 kinds of abundant nutrients, so it is attracting attention as "next-generation fuel" biofuel as "complete nutrition food", and is a venture from the University of Tokyo that is doing business in Midorimushi Euglena "has actively developed and felt that it came here and fruited.

Already as edibleSucceeded in mass production, And "Bush of Midorimushi fueled Euglena and Isuzu joint development: Asahi Shimbun DigitalSo we are also working on the joint development of biodiesel fuel.

◆ 2025 problem

Tokyo Newspaper: What is the 2025 problem? (No.483) Baby boomer generation 75 years old burden increase Problem: Living document book (TOKYO Web)

2025 problem is being whispered. 25 years is the year when the generation of baby boomers becomes a late elderly who is over 75 years old. A rapid elderly in Japan was a problem. But after 25 years there will be 22 million people, a super aged society where one in four people is over 75 years old. It is also pointed out that the demand for medical care, nursing care and welfare services will increase and the balance of social security finances will collapse, as the baby-boom generation that has supported the nation goes to the side receiving benefits.

◆ Dangerous drag

We selected a new name to replace "demulsion drug" | Press release material | Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, together with the National Police Agency, is compatible with the content that these are dangerous drugs for so-called "demobilized drugs"
We are looking for an opinion of a name that is called, as we have selected the new name as follows, we will announce it.
I would like to express my gratitude to the cooperation of the people who gave me your opinion this time.

1 New designation name
Dangerous drag (※ application number: 102)

2 Reason for selection
Dangerous drugs, dangerous drugs, etc. There were many names of names with "danger", "dangerous drugs", "harmful drugs" etc
Rug "was used in many names, the combination of both" dangerous drugs "to replace the" dead drag "new
It was selected as a name. In addition, "dangerous drugs" themselves were also endorsed by many people.
The new designation clearly indicates that it is a dangerous substance to use regardless of regulation.
※ "Narcotics" and "Drugs", because they overlap laws and ordinances, refrained from using them.

One minute after suction, risk of loss of consciousness, drag, Ikebukuro's runaway accident: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Danger drag arrest high school student and store manager NHK News

Enhancement of dangerous drug regulations, revised Pharmaceutical Affairs Law enacted House of Councilors plenary session: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Wall Don

Wall Don - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What is Wall Don (Kabden) [Picsive Encyclopedia]

The act of driving the opponent to the side of the wall and eliminating the escape place and donning the wall across the target with one hand or both hands. In some cases, push the object and don it. The person who is donned usually makes it licking.

Recently, it is one of the situations seen especially in romance series manga, animation, drama, etc. It is also used as a somewhat brute force method to stuff around to the thought.

It seems to be an irresistible act (a situation) to some people, it is best to catch the opponent in various ways.
However, be careful as it can be appealed as an inevitable or intimidation to develop into a fight of fisting if you do it in reality. In addition ※ However limited to handsome (beautiful girl). There are fears that the policeman will be informed when an ummmaker does it (including the inside).

Don on the wall (with Kabenidon) [Word Articles] - The Great Wall

It is mainly done as threats and as a preliminary step of a cuttlefish. However, it is impossible to demonstrate sufficient sense of intimacy unless it is taller than your opponent.
In girls' works such as girls' cartoons and girls' games, scenes are often seen in which male characters of my style play against women who have favor. It can be said to be a vertical version of so-called "push down".
"Wall Dong (Don on the wall)" of this usage was spread from the voice of Ryota Ryotani, and in general it is often expressed as "wall side" + "chasing" "pressing" etc.


"... ... Shut up"

In this way, it seems that one of romance of women is forced to forcibly at the command tone. However, limited to handsome.

As an intention, there are cases of a forced and high-pressure confession such as "Become things of me", and cases where it has become irritated without being able to show favorably obediently.
Afterwards deployment also "deriving lips as it is", "looking at the opponent being frightened, becoming calm", "thrusting away, being rejected by balda and escaping and being able to escape" is derived.

Of course, in reality, it goes without saying that if you do it to an inexperienced opponent it will be instantly out, it is highly likely that both feelings and lovers will be disillusioned and disappointed.

◆ Destroyability Cities

Origin is based on estimation by the Japan Creation Committee / Population Decrease Problem Study Subcommittee"Potential for disappearance" 896 MunicipalitiesThing.

Possibility of disappearance Cities are: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

It refers to a municipality that is unlikely to halt the declining birthrate and population movements and that may disappear in the future. Mr. Masuda Hiroyasu Mr. Yamamoto, the idea that the Japan Creation Council formed by private experts launched in May. Designated 896 municipalities which are half of municipalities, municipalities nationwide, urged immediate population countermeasures.

◆ Half Half

Asada Mao, retirement "half as far as half": operated · topic: Sochi 2014: Olympics: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Asada also told a press conference in Tokyo, "It was frustrating, it was awesome, I felt various feelings, it was a more fulfilling game than ever". When asked questions about professing retirement for this season only, "For now I answered" half (probability) half, half (half) ".

◆ Ice · Bucket · Challenge

Japan ALS Association - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

"ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" is a fund-raising event that supports ALS patients and patient groups.
It started from the United States, passed through other countries, and has spread rapidly in Japan since last weekend.

You can see how the ice bucket challenge has spread all over the world from the following article.

Celebrity celebrations in which celebrities wear ice, such as Google, Apple, MS, FB CEO and Horiemon ongoing - GIGAZINE

◆ Housework halage

What is housework hala? - Kotobank

Harassment against those who do housekeeping. Abbreviation for "domestic labor harassment". "Harassment by a social system that disregards, ignores, and eliminates people who are responsible for domestic labor" is published by Makie Takeboshi (Iwanami Shoten), "Housework labor harassment - the root of hardship" issued in 2013 It is an important keyword due to changes in Japanese social structure such as the rapid increase of dual-income households in the defined language. In July 2002, Asahi Kasei Homes Co., Ltd. (Hebel Haus) 's "Working family research institute" naming "doing casual domestic affairs against domestic affairs" with housework hala, "survey result of housework household chaplain" and video etc. Announced. As a result, "Words from my wife who lose the motivation of a husband doing housekeeping" became widely recognized as housework hala, causing a big debate.

◆ One Ope

【Impact】 Sukiya closed one after another with "shortage of manpower" ... Please see the painful voice of part-time workers actually working - NAVER Summary

[Sad news] Sukiya Albyta's Twitter is too cheap www www

3: Nameless: 2014/03/21 (Friday) 04: 52: 33 ID: MEdTQFswj
What is a one-off?

6: Nameless: 2014/03/21 (Fri) 04: 53: 53 ID: N4v9hMDYn
>> 3
It's about shifting alone

Suki Iimomo clerk, confession of the harsh business practice "Hell, success in retirement, appearance in one paw appeared after the setting of hot pot" | Business journal

Since February, it is a topic that the temporary closing in one store of beef bowl chain "Sukiya" one after another due to insufficient part-time job etc. As a phenomenon symbolizing the labor shortage caused by economic recovery, it is frequently taken up in the media, while at Sukiya there are stores that can not open 24 hours a day.

Around a series of circumstances, on the Internet, etc., various information / conjecture about the work environment of the sucker house is flowing, but "Please stop the customers from coming in daradara at midnight," wasteful There are many menus with a lot of menus and the site is dreadful ...... It will definitely be crushed if it is as it is. "Many voices seemed to be written by shrine members of Sukiya such as" One Temporary 11 Hours Labor. Crazy, Sukiya Resigning and Shit, Damn " ing.

◆ Legend

A word meaning "legend". Kosai Noriaki of the ski jump which continues to be a first-line class beyond the age of 40 with over 20 years of active life is called "legendary living" "legend".

In addition, although it is unknown whether Kasai player originates, what J (2 ch "Anything live (Jupiter)In the board), a baseball player who made legendary record or played like everyone's memory is expressed as "legend". Topics such as Sadaharu Ozada, Shigeo Nagashima, Katsuya Nomura, Yutaka Fukumoto, Shoichi Kaneda, Shoichi Murata, and Seiji Murata, as well as "Who is the legend among active players" are exciting.

◆ Carp Girls

"Carp girls" themselves are said to have been said since 2013, and were also featured at NHK on September 30, 2013 (Monday).

Why rapidly increase in the metropolitan area? Carp Fan - NHK Special Issue Whole

In 1991, Carpe who won the league championship in defensive baseball centered on pitcher strength.
Since then, the longest 22 years in the whole team has been away from the victory.
Now, the increasing number is the young generation of Carp fans who do not know the time when it was strong.
In particular, many women are called "Carp Girls".

And on the page of Karp, "Eastern Carp Women's Baseball Tournament Tour" was held for women in the Kanto residing in Kanto as follows.

Go to the Mazda Stadium by Shinkansen GO! "Kanto Carp Girls Baseball Tournament Tour" is held! Hiroshima Toyo Carp Official Site

The increased cause is analyzed as follows.

Why "Carp Girls" is Increasing: PRESIDENT Online - President

"Curp girls" are drawing attention with such a carp. This word was used for the first time on the media, NHK 's News Watch 9 broadcasted on September 30 last year. That was shortly after Carp managed to finish third and decided to participate in the climax series.

Nonetheless, it does not refer to local female fans in Hiroshima. From the beginning this word was meant to refer to a japanese-style carp fan gathered at the Jingu Stadium and the Tokyo Dome. Although the third basement side of Jingu Stadium is not dyed red as it is, it certainly got the impression that increased further in the past few years. In fact, in the past few years the mobilization of the Karp battle at Jingu Stadium has increased to nearly double, and last year the average mobilization at the Tokyo Dome surpassed the Hanshin and became the top. Carp girls are gaining attention as a symbol of such a live Karp fans.

◆ Matahara

Unjust countermeasures and actions against women for pregnancy and childbirth are called "maternity / harassment (common name: Matahara)" and female physical therapists in Hiroshima City, Hiroshima City " I was demoted from the hospital that I was working as "Supreme Court ruled women's appealI gave it.

What is Matahara? ~ Surfacing same sexual harassment ~: Job Search: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

According to the definition of the union of labor unions, "working women are dismissed for employment due to pregnancy and childbirth, stopping employment, and spiritual / physical harassment received at the workplace."

◆ Active pacifism

The Shozo administration of Abe began to set it upIn 2007, "New · War Theory - Recommendations for Active Pacifism (Shincho Shinsho): Kenichi ItoIt is said that it was derived from, and it is possible to read the detailed explanation on the page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Brochure "Japan's Security Policy Active Pacifism" | Ministry of Foreign Affairs

◆ Yuzu

A figure skater 's Hanyu stringer. There are many fans called "Yuzu fans" because they combine skills and looks. In the 2014 ISU Grand Prix Series Round 3 / China Cup, during the practice before entering the free acting, it collided with the Chinese Yan Ji. I injured the head and bleeding and injured seven stitches, but I participated and won the silver medal.

Yuzu Hanyu bloody! Fell on collision link with Yang - figure news: nikkansports.com

◆ Limited license

Social Democratic Party OfficialWeb ┃ Feature ┃ Constitutional column ┃ 151. Hirode Teruya

According to each press report, "limited theory of acceptance" claimed by Mr. Masahiko Takamura is as follows.

Based on the Supreme Court decision of the Sand river incident (December 16, 1959), Mr. Takamura expressed his view that "some of the right to collective self-defense is accepted by the Supreme Court", " There is a thing that falls within the scope of collective self-defense rights to "the minimum necessary" There is a right to individual self-defense, but the right of collective self-defense is no good and the Cabinet Legislation Bureau ten It is a mistake that I say it in a bad way, "and if it limits, the exercise of collective self-defense rights seems to be a constitution of constitutionality.

【Claim】 Collective self-defense authority Danger Jim Hammering limited theory of acceptance (1 / 2page) - Sankei news

The government and the LDP have set a policy to limit the exercise of collective self-defense rights with conditions. Consultation with the Komeito scheduled after the report of the expert opinion meeting of the government began earlier and the "limited theory of acceptance" is the focus of discussion within the ruling party.

A major concern is that these arguments lead to conclusions that strongly constrain the activities of the SDF.

Wisdom owner, Mr. Takamura's "limited acceptance theory", can we get out of the maze about debate about collective self-defense rights? : JBpress (Japan Business Press)

Mr. Takamura's attention is the next sentence of the Supreme Court decision. "To be able to take measures for self-defense necessary for maintaining peace and security of our country and to fulfill its existence must be said to be natural as the exercise of state-specific authority". In other words, since the judgment does not distinguish individual, collective and self-defense rights, even with the right of collective self-defense, if it is "measures to fulfill the existence of Japan", it can be exercised by constitution . It is an idea that Mr. Takamura seems to be a wise person.

◆ Collective self-defense

What does collective self-defense right mean? | Asahi elementary school student newspaper

Je recently heard the word "collective self-defense authority" in the news, what kind of story is it?

Komura journal reporter When the country of a fellow is attacked, it is the right to be able to counterattack together.

Do not you fight for Ken fellows?

Komura reporter Japan's SDF was supposed to be unable to use this right in connection with the Constitution. However, the Shinzo Abe cabinet is trying to recognize this by changing the "interpretation" on how to think about Article 9 of the Constitution, which it declared not to do war. The manner of the SDF may change dramatically.

Kihon of "Ikegami Akira's" politics ": What is the collective self-defense rights Yahoo! Everyone's politics

Cabinet decision to approve the exercise of collective self-defense (full text): Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ Salt compatible

"Salty correspondence" thing.AKB 48 by Mr. Haruka Shimazaki (Paruru)It is famous.

Pencil, Parur Corresponds to Parade "To be ignored so much ..." ORICON STYLE

By the way, because salt correspondence became famous, Mr. Shimazaki will go out to Maru chan noodle 's commercial.

Haraka Shimazaki (Paruru) corresponds salt! Maru-chan 's regular noodle Ramen CM opponent Koji Yakusho www * Image / video present: NEWS collective collective | 2 ch summary blog

◆ There is no other opponent who can not win

The word that Kei Nishikori who entered fifth place in 2014 tennis world ranking said. It is a passage of a remark pointing that the vertices of the world have come into view, but in reality it was "because there is no more opponent who can not win".

Current affairs dot com: single question with Nishikori = national tennis

- The idea that there is still a way.
I am not happy. Maybe until I go to the final. I start grasping my own position, and recently I'm giving myself the pressure of not having to go up. Of course I am able to evaluate winning with recovering in 5 sets, but I am happy, but as a result it is still too much. I think that there are no opponents who can not win, so I want to aim for as much as possible.

◆ sexual harassment

Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Yaji Problem - Wikipedia

When asking the city side about support measures for women who are suffering from pregnancy and childbirth, everyone's party women's legislator Shimomura Fumiharu asked, "Is it okay if I should get married soon," "sexual A disturbance that caught sight of receiving harassment like toes. Not only criticism in the country including over 1,000 protests to the Tokyo metropolitan government, but also criticized overseas

To the worst parliament, the worst parliament, to female legislators "get married quickly!" "Do not lay the baby!" To the lowest worst parliament | Minna no Tokyo party member Otaki Haya official website

Among them, a very loud voice from the floor

"Before you say such a thing, do not you get married soon !!"

The incredible entourage that flashed, that is.
A part of the floor was laughed and Masuzomu Masuzoe was laughing a little.
I was watching, firmly.

In addition, I could not hear up to my seat,
According to himself

"You can not lay a baby!"

It is said that there was also a fairytale named.
Needless to say, it is severe sexual harassment, discrimination utterance.

Although the words of the person himself stopped for a moment on the content of so much remarks,
She stated a question to the end as she stroked to the end, and she took a deserted look on her face.
I think that he was quite shocked.

Tokyo Metropolitan Council Western European media criticized NHK News

Among them, the British newspaper guardian posted an article on the electronic version titled "Women's parliament receives sexistic verbal abuse from male legislators in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly", in Japan there are few women council members and the status of women It reflects the low level of it.
Also, the American biggest economic paper Wall Street Journal posted an interview with Mr. Shimomura Fumonaki who received the grub in an electronic version and said, "For a parliament who disregards women, a woman who can not even marry or give birth It is impossible to understand and to devise policies to support them, "says Shimura's remarks.
Reuters aims for the Abe administration to set the "women's success" as one of the pillars of growth strategies and to set the percentage of women in leadership positions to around 30% by 2020, In Japan, it is critically told that many women are advised to quit their jobs when giving birth.

◆ Mounting (girls)

Amazon.co.jp: A woman smiles with a smile: Actual state of girls in mounting (Tutorial book): Yukari Takinami, Inuyama Paperkin: Books

Takinami Yukari @ takinamiyukari vs. Inuyama Paperback @ inuningen Public Mounting Battle Gokko "Disliked Girls 50" - Togetter Summary

I'm telling you that "I am on the stand!" In the conversation between the girls! "Do you envy that there is free time? (Because my work is topical)" casually ...

◆ Maids

Hatsune Miku - Hatena keyword

A girls' son (Joji) is a synthetic word of "girls" and "girls", or a coined word with "~ child" attached to a dress. Also as a later generic expression "girlfriend daughter".

People called "male daughter" "girls' clothes" acceptance of neutralization "key of a married couple | dot. Dot Asahi Shimbun Publishing

◆ this time

Tokyo and Yamanashi Prefecture Kofu City set the stage NHK continuous TV novel "Hanako and Ann"Appears in"Koshu dialectOne is "this one".

"Hanako and Ann" popularly, reason why the Koshu dialect is interesting | THE PAGE (THE PAGE)

◆ Good evening

NHK continuous TV novel "Hanako and Ann"Good-bye, Goodbye", and Mr. Akihiro Miwa is in charge of narration.

Miwa Akihiro, "Hanako and Ann" Closing Word of "Hello Girls" to Buzzword | ORICON STYLE

◆ Keserase Girls

You made me misunderstand ...? Features 4 of "Kogirase girls" that men draw

Speaking simplely, it is a woman who has no motivation at all during his school days and whose personality is twisted.

It seems that it came from Mami Amemiya 's book "Girls Girls".

Amazon.co.jp: Covering Girls: Mami Amemiya: Books

◆ JK Business

JK Business - Wikipedia

JK business is a business that sells close contact services by high school girls (JK).

【JK business rampant】 The signboard is "walking" "fortune" behind the sex industry, abuse and poverty in the background: 47 topics - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

A thoroughgoing interview

At a preliminary interview on the ambiguous use of political research expenses, it is a topic that Ryutaro Nonomura · former Hyogo prefectural assembly cried. In unprecedented events, I gained a lot of attention not only from Japan but also from the world.

Hyogo prefecture council is unclear expenditure "crying" a meeting interview # 06 (14/07/02)

BBC News - Japanese politician Ryutaro Nonomura sobs at news briefing

On the net, "creative activities" that made use of the state of the interview as a material were also exciting and memorable new place.

"I tried to innocence while disturbing suspicion of civil affair of Nonomura political affairs expenses" [guitar]

A superb view

Because taking "about the" greatest view "in Japan became fashionable here and there. The first is "July 2013"I want to go before I die!"Ranked first in the Amazon total ranking, Oricon photo ranking ranking second place in 2013, first place in 2014 1st place, skipping an exceptional hit as a travel book / photo album, its sequel"I want to go before I die! Superb view of the world Japan"It surpassed 300,000 copies. What is insideFacebook PageIt summarizes what was put together by. The scenery which the following came out in the book.

● The best view I am introducing
Blue pond Hokkaido
Shiretoko's drift ice Hokkaido
Sunpillar of Mashuho Lake Hokkaido
Daisan Ugo Toshiko Aomori Prefecture
Cape Kimaneppu Hokkaido
Snow Tottori sand dunes Tottori prefecture
Kosugi's Osugi Yamagata prefecture
Cherry blossoms in Gyodo Tsutsumi Saitama ken
Oyama Senba Chiba
Oirase Stream Aomori Prefecture
Odashihara Tochigi ken
Ice Falls in Fukurodon Falls Ibaraki Prefecture
Laputa's way Kumamoto Prefecture
Yoshigira Gunma prefecture seen from Shibu Pass
Autumn leaves of Naruko Gorge Miyagi prefecture
Sengokuhara Susuki Prairie Kanagawa ken
Kisotsuro Mie prefecture
Kitayamasaki Iwate Prefecture
Echizen Ono Castle Fukui Prefecture
Ouchi in Fukushima Prefecture
Toyama prefecture throwing fireflies of Toyama bay
Starry sky of Achi village Nagano prefecture
Yamakoshi's rice terrace / shelf pond Niigata prefecture
Ogaki Valley Yamanashi Prefecture
God of the Lake Suwa Nagano Prefecture
Ogaoka Nagano Prefecture
Tulip in Kiso Mikawa park Gifu Prefecture
Kiyotsugyo Gorge Niigata
Ginko biloba in Showa Kinen park Tokyo
Autumn leaves of Chikokuji Shiga prefecture
Night view from high batch plateau Nagano prefecture
Night night insects in Mikawa Bay Aichi-ken
Sunflower of Nayoro City Hokkaido
Saga International balloon festa Saga prefecture
Shinkai Coast Hyogo ken
Nyudakake Nara Prefecture
Aogashima Tokyo
Iwa Shrine Shrine Osaka prefecture
Bamboo grove in Sagano Kyoto fu
Tenno Yahata Shrine's Kimballar Okayama Prefecture
Hashima Rock Wakayama Prefecture
Nanai Town Contemporary Art Museum Exhibition Room "Sun" Okayama Prefecture
Okuya's Double Kazura Bash Tokushima Prefecture
Sakura in Shikokuzanyama Kagawa Prefecture
Omaki's fireworks Akita prefecture
Mikutoyama Manshutsu Dampening Tottori Prefecture
Motonagami Inage Shrine Yamaguchi Prefecture
Adachi Museum Shimane Prefecture
Monet's Garden Kochi Prefecture
Oigawa Railway Rainbow Bridge Shizuoka Prefecture
Blood pond Hell Oita Prefecture
Futami Rock of Shikanoshima Fukuoka Prefecture
Kushiro from the Penguinshi Mountains in Hiroshima Prefecture
Cruz's sea Miyazaki Prefecture
People of Tsukuhisa Nagasaki Prefecture
Yoronjima Kagoshima Prefecture
Ocean bottom topography of Yonagunijima Okinawa Prefecture
Blue cave Okinawa Prefecture
Power hole at the cape of Sanctuary Ishikawa Prefecture
Kurushima Kai Bridge Ehime Prefecture

◆ Revenge porn

Revenge porn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An act of harassment that causes a former spouse who divorced or a bare photo or movie of a broken partner to flow out on the Internet.

A bill to regulate revenge porn on 18 NovemberUnanimously passed at the House of Representatives, On the 19 thApproved 236 votes in the House of Councilors votes opposing 1 voteIt was established and it was established.

◆ Tamoros

What is Tamoros (with Sonnakot Dena Yamnaho) [Word Articles] - Nico Nico Douga

Tamoros is a unique disease found only in Japanese late teens who have developed onset of "Laughing Me! Etymology is from "Pet Loss Syndrome".

As a representative program of Mr. Tamori, a program representing Japan's lunch break "Laughing Meai!"

However, on March 31, 2014, it put an end to its history.

Tamorous! It is! There is a delusion. : Life · Familiar topic: utterance Komachi: Otemachi cho: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

I often hear words about Pet Loss, but recently, Asami Ross'
You seem to have been there.

I thought that it was stupid, apparently it seems like I'm coming to myself ... Tamoros ...

Today I saw nice last round.
It happened for the first time in a long time since my work was off, but as I thought it was the last
My heart was stuffy.

I love Tamori.
In a dream, I went together with a blotter.

Together went abroad with a ship, Tamori picked up his favorite Hawaiian tape
Sometimes I smiled "This is good." ... (In a dream.)

In the area where I live, I do not do a Tamori club.
Where good is over, where should I see Tamori?

One hundred conscience is stupid.
Please, Tamori fan gather! It is!

J Marriage

J marriage: "Self-defense officer if married" attention increased "It seems that both the country and family will protect" - Mainichi Newspaper

【Society】 Self-Defense Force Moetmote Marriage Women's hot eyes New word "J marriage" also

A hot gaze is being sent from the girls who are married to the SDF where attention is gathered by discussions on collective self-defense rights.
The male defense officer's participating parties will be filled in immediately,
A major publisher releases a photo album of Maritime Self-Defense Force officers. It is popular to appear up to a new word "marriage with self-defense officer = J marriage".

One of the opportunities is activity in the Great East Japan Earthquake. There is a marriage course only for the SDF
Hirofumi Kuwayama (36) of the marriage agency 'Bridal Tulip' (Tokyo) said
"It is reported every day that the activity in the disaster area was reported, and it changed from an image that can not be approached to a presence that can be respected."

Also, last spring, a television drama with the main character of the Air Self-Defense Force was aired and boosted popularity.
In May May also released a photo collection "Defense Men" (Shueisha) to introduce the physical beauty of maritime SDF officers in the 20s and 30s and their work
"There is a rush of orders from bookstores nationwide, and out of stock shops are continuing" (editor in charge).

◆ Mild Yankee

Young people who tend to have tendencies such as "I like EXILE" "I do not want to leave the local (5 km radius from home)" "Bond" "Family" "Friends" "" likes cars (especially minivans) Term collectively called. Don Quijote, a discount store, is often regarded as a "mild Yankee purveyor". Depending on the thickness of that layer, there is also a direction to think that it will lead the future consumption activities.

What is Mild Yankee - Kotobank

A young person rooted in the local, based on a life based on fellow awareness with friends and family of the same age. Hakuhodo Brand Design Youth Research Institute Leader and Marketing Analyst, Haruhide Haruhiro advocates. It is defined to have different economic activities and behavior styles from urban concentration, car separation, late marriage, declining birthrate, which is regarded as the prevalence of modern general youth, working in a local company using a car with a fellow It is said that the activity area will be completed within a radius of 5 kilometers, such as going to a childhood friend and shopping mall on weekends.

Harada points out that Mild Yankee has the possibility of becoming a large consuming layer and is becoming a driving force for the Japanese economy.

◆ Little Honda

Honda "Little Honda answered Milan" - Serie A news: nikkansports.com

-AC The real reason for choosing Milan

In Honda's heart, I asked my little Honda. "Which club do you want to play?" Then Little Honda in my heart said "AC Milan." With such circumstances, I came to AC Milan.

Football = Honda joins the Milan entrance interview, "Little Honda chose" | Reuters

Regarding the selection of AC Milan from among several winning offers, he said, "When I asked Little Honda in my heart I decided I wanted to play in Milan," he said.

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