Nominated buzzword for 2016 All 30 words together, "Guessing affair" "SMAP dissolution" "Nihonsei fell down nursery school" "God っ て る" etc.

In a variety of "words" that occurred in a year, select new words and buzzwords that broadly crowded popular "Youkan new word · buzz word grand prix"30 candidates were announced. In addition to performing arts such as "Guessing Affair", "SMAP Dissolution", "Sentence Spring", "PPAP", "Osomatsu-san", "Your Name is", "Pilgrimage of the Holy Land" and many anime-related words are nominated.

New word · buzzword grand prix

◆ 01: Athlete First

Hashimoto 's opposition criticizes the march of' before the officer 'athlete first how far / Olympics news / daily sports online

Mr. Hashimoto said, "Since criticisms at the entrance march arrived at the players village soon, we heard the ideas of the headquarters officials." On top of that, I'd like to make sure not to misunderstand "athlete first." It is said that athlete first needs to be built firmly with the aim of making athletes the best things It is certain that I feel comfortable, "he told his mind.

While arguing that "There are several countries in which executives marched in advance not only in Japan but also in this marching march," while arguing, "I think that it is to think about JOC as a whole, but" How far is the athlete first " Whether it should be, marching in the entrance marching officers are the best behind, as not to put a burden on the players, in the place where the players will be prepared for the environment where they can shine I will think about it, "he politician answered this question.

Originally, "athlete first" which was up close up as a member of the group before the players of the national team in the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics went on ahead. After that, even at the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 boat stadium planning point issue again

Boat's Ironmen declare "Forest Stadium in the Sea" is not athlete first "/ Sports / Daily Sports online

Discussion on the "Ocean Forest Water Sports Stadium" swayed by the schedule of the Tokyo Olympic canoe / boat competition. Takeda said that the wind blows, the way the waves are standing is not uniform, because boat competition is hardly done in sea water, handling of buoyancy and ships becomes difficult, boats are prone to degrade due to seawater etc. It was.

Takeda said that Takeda is "not athletes first" when Seiji Miyane, MC, said, "It will not be an athlete first, and it is definitely not a competition unfair?" And "For the athletes it is a race in a harsh environment, even if the environment is bad, the lanes themselves should be fair." Anyone who has a chance of medals should have it if they remain in the final game, but in this case, for example, if there is no medal in one lane , I feel a sense of crisis in becoming a stadium where unfairness arises due to lane, "the players are hard.

◆ 02: New judgment

Abe 's "New judgment" is a buzzword for this year's candidate? : Write Like Talking by Nitta Tetsushi

Of course, since it is withdrawing the pledge, it is one of the phrases in which the real value is questioned for politicians whose words are the greatest weapons, as to what to do with them with that, but "take criticism seriously" While doing so, I brought a "new judgment" that decides to postpone again as a keyword. In the article of Nikkei face-up, it was commented that "Direct convict was avoided", and it seems that it was invented in searching for various wordings to fulfill soft landing against criticism of commitment violation. I did not know whether the copy thought was Tomohiko Taniguchi of speech writer, Deputy Secretary of Sustainability of Public Relations Strategist or Mr. Imai Imai, but after all, if I translate it into Osale, "Update I guess it is nori.

◆ 03: walking smartphone

Walking smartphone

Walking smartphone (Iku · smaho, English: Texting While Walking) is a behavior that smartphones are used especially on roads and stairs where many citizens go and go, or while walking operations as necessary. It is regarded as a violation of manners worldwide. Also called "while smart".

Walking smaho is a problem even in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO is OK? Five trials that want to stop walking smurf | World | Latest articles | Newsweek Japanese official website

I am worried that dangerous players will increase one after another, not looking forward a lot, roaming outside with unexpected movements. Indeed, it is okay to play while driving a bicycle or a car.

A result that was too immersed in the fun game, reality is so as not to crap ...... the game is over, always would like to play while checking the surrounding situation, one in which I hope sincerely.

◆ 04: EU withdrawal

Feature on UK withdrawal from EU | UK - Europe - Looking by country / region - JETRO

The UK has elected to withdraw from the EU on a referendum held on June 23.

As a result of a referendum on "whether Britain should leave the EU", the withdrawal victory - GIGAZINE

Prices are raised one after another by piggybacking.

Dell announces price raise in UK due to withdrawal from British EU, possibility of HP to raise price Al - GIGAZINE

Virtual currencyBitcoinSoaring.

In the situation where the price of Bitcoin soars at the withdrawal of British EU - GIGAZINE

◆ 05: AI

Artificial intelligence - Wikipedia

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an attempt to artificially realize the same intelligence as a human being on a computer or the like, or a series of basic technologies for that purpose.

Gentle explanation of artificial intelligence "What's AI"

The Go champion and Colonel Air Force have been defeated by AI.

"Artificial Intelligence v The World's Strongest Players" Al Goo of Artificial Intelligence Wins victory and goes to the First Battle of Fifth Game - Go Games - GIGAZINE

Artificial intelligence pilot wins Colonel Air Force in a fighter simulation of unmanned fighter aircraft - GIGAZINE

Many occupations are expected to be superseded by AI.

Occupation that can be substituted by artificial intelligence and robots, etc. 100 Occupations that are highly unlikely to be substituted 100 Summary list - GIGAZINE

Even a judge may become an AI.

Develop "Judge AI" to judge with artificial intelligence and shorten litigation time - GIGAZINE

◆ 06: Mr. Osomatsu

Anime with original cartoons "Osomatsu-kun" originally written by Fujio Akatsuka, the six children who became adults repeatedly made black stuff and lower neta. Popularized mainly by women.

TV anime "Osomatsu-san" official website

TV anime "Osomatsu-san" 2nd PV - YouTube

◆ 07: I am God

Hiroshima Carp fighting attention to "Sei God" man, Seiya Suzuki! | Spoofeli

Director Ogata used "God" for the god-minded success of Masaya Suzuki. Then, Suzuki's hero interview also became a regular phrase. However, it seems that the word "God" originally was used by young people.

What is God - Japanese Expression Dictionary Weblio Dictionary

A word meaning the state that God is holding. It is mainly used by young people.

◆ 08: What is your name?

Shinhai Makoto directed feature animation, it was a record hit.

The movie "Your name is. "Official site

"Your name is" beyond box office income by 10 billion yen, as an animated movie the first except Hayao Miyazaki's work - GIGAZINE

◆ 09: Good luck with Kumamon

Twist hashtag "# Kumamon hard work picture" posting supportive illustration for victims of the Kumamoto earthquake. It was an illustration of a cartoonist Chibutotsuya who became a fire star.

I painted Kumamon. | Chiba Tsuya 's blog "Gutto tsuto diary"

◆ 10: Guess Affair

Biological and sociological thorough verification Why do people "suffer"? Becky, Miyazaki to Funky Kato, to Yuraku 【full text release】 | Features - Weekly Bunshun WEB

Mr. Kensuke Miyazaki (35), Fumiya Katsura (72), Tatsuya Ishii (56) of US CLUB, Rika Kawatani (32) and Talent's Becky (32) To Mr. Tadahiro Otobu (40), recently to Funky Kato (37) and Samuten Tenguraku (66), the affair problem of celebrities who have kept the world big noisy since entering this year. Why do people suffer infatuation while holding various risks such as getting rid of jobs or falling into divorce crisis?

◆ 11: Mr. Saito

Tensei 's decision by Mr. Tsuji Saito of Trendy Angel who controlled M - 1 Grand Prix 2015 and broke.

Trendy Angel Saito Tsuji Official blog "Who do you think it is ?! Saito-san!" Powered by Ameba

◆ 12: Jika fever

What is dica virus infection

It is an infection caused by dicaviruses mediated by mosquitoes of the genus Aedes. Dicaviruses belong to the same flaviviridae as dengue viruses, and symptoms are similar to dengue but lighter.

GIGAZINE also posted articles on jika fever.

Find cases where severe infection of zica fever has occurred - GIGAZINE

Google releases a map showing how Zika fever got noticed in the whole world - GIGAZINE

Dicha fever is the cause of microcephaly and CDC concludes, 40% of brain cells do not grow and the epidemic probability in Japan is both 17% - GIGAZINE

◆ 13: Shin · Godzilla

"Shin · Godzilla" of the 29th work of Toho's Godzilla series

Movie 'Shin Godzilla' official website

I already heard the high degree of completion from the stage of the trailer movie.

"Shin · Godzilla" trailer released, land, sea and air defense force crashed with Godzilla and full power - GIGAZINE

"Shin · Godzilla" Godzilla's unstoppable strength and terrifying new trailer outstanding release - GIGAZINE

Godzilla of Japanese production for the first time in 12 years has been created with the first full CG in the Japanese series.

"Shin · Godzilla" knows how it was created White goggles making CG making video release - GIGAZINE

◆ 14: SMAP dissolved

SMAP dissolution disturbance

In SMART dissolution riot (Smap Lady so), dealing with the dissolution of the male idol group · SMAP belonging to the Japanese entertainment office · Johnny's office in 2016 and the movement of the society around it.

During the live broadcasting of "SMAP × SMAP" which took a press conference in response to dissolution riot, Twitter fell.

"SMAP × SMAP" Live broadcast on Twitter is down, the burden of "Balsu" or more - GIGAZINE

◆ 15: Pilgrimage to the Holy Land


Pilgrimage (junyireu) is the enthusiastic fan (enthusiast) psychology such as cartoons / animation, calling the land with its own favorite works etc. as "sacred place" and actually visiting.

◆ 16: Sentence Spring

What is Sentence Spring (Senensu Sprinkle) [Picsive Encyclopedia]

The beginning of the thing was Shimonbun Bunshun for three weeks and the maiden of Guess' extreme. The series of scandals that Mr. Kawaya's paintings and Talent's Becky ♪ are affairate are serialized.

Three weeks later, things that are supposed to be screenshots of the two LINEs were posted, and two conversations that the magazine knew were reporting a scandal

Kawaya You may become a chance to be able to be dignified against the other
Becky I think so
Yoshi Kawatani!
I can only think that it is Becky
Kawatani thank you bunshun!
Just become a Becky official!
Thank you Bunshun!
Let's thank Kawaya!
Becky yeah!
It's not adultery!
Kawaya yeah!
It is not Becky looting!
Kawaya yeah!
Becky sentence spring!

It was.
Of course there are many other problems such as whether this is really two people or who caused it to flow out, but the impact of the word "sentence spring" which seems to have forcibly translated "Bunshun" is too strong Because of this, on the net it called great reaction as a story in which it walks alone, and also became a net slang called "sensep" for Weekly Bunshun.

◆ 17: Takamatsu Pair

Nicknamed the combination of Takahashi Reika and Matsumi Amemi Saki who won gold medals at the Rio Olympic · Badminton Women's Doubles.

【NHK Rio】 We will tell you the last 5 points with Takahashi · Matsutomo's great reversal uncut Badminton Women's Doubles - YouTube

Bud Takamatsua "Thank you for teaching me" August 19 Rio Olympic medalist interview - YouTube

◆ 18: Citizen First

Citizen First

To think the people first (first). Koike Governor 's philosophy.

In what way did Go Go Koike say "Tomin First"? | An amateur thinks of political and social problems

Mr. Yuriko Koike (64), who was elected the first election at the Tokyo Governor's election, first took off in the morning on the morning of the 2nd, and became the first national governor as the ninth woman after the war. Mr. Koike, who gathered 2.91 million votes after suffering the reform of the city administration, said in a speech to the staff, "I want to regain the confidence in the metropolitan government by transparency of the city government and information disclosure first, Stated.

◆ 19: Trump phenomenon

Phenomenon that Republican candidate Donald Trump gained popularity in the US presidential election. Regarding the popularity of Mr. Trump, Dr. Stephen Hawking, astrophysicist, said "I can not explain it"I answer.

Finally Mr. Trump won the president and the United States entered an emergency.

Americans rejecting President Trump and refusing to scream, "Fuck Donald Trump", began a march of collective protests and entered an emergency - GIGAZINE

◆ 20: Panama document

Summarize what is "Panama document", the essence of the problem, the current state of asset concealment, and the reactions of various fields - GIGAZINE

◆ 21: Surprised

NHK continuous TV novel broadcasted from September 28, 2015 to April 2, 2016 "Asa ga KitaPrimary character of Ino · Imai Asama.

◆ 22: Bunshun gun

Bunshun Artillery - Hatena keyword

In the weekly magazine 'Weekly Bunshun', the issue number which posted articles that intensively bombard (bashing) a target.

♦ 23: PPAP

What is PPAP (What is Phi Phi)? [Word Articles] - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A comedy story (possessed song) of a character "Pico Taro" played by a comedian "Ozaka Daibou". Pico Taro's official YouTube channel is known for the video "PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen Official) (PPAP) Pen Pinappo Puppet Pen / PIKOTARO (Pico Taro)" posted on August 25, 2016.

◆ 24: Japan nursery school fallen Japan dead

Nursery school fell down Japan dead! It is! It is!

What is it Japan Japan.

It is not a society 100 million active.

I fell down nurseries brilliantly yesterday.

What are you doing I can not do an active part?

I am saying that I will give birth to a child, raise children, go out to society, pay taxes and pay taxes What is dissatisfied in Japan?

What is declining birthrate Fucking.

It's nice to have a baby, but it's almost impossible to deposit in the nursery as you want, so I do not have any baby births saying w.

Increase your nursery school as you can afford to take an affair or accept bribes.

I waste billions of yen in the Olympics.

You can make a nursery school because it does not matter what the emblem is.

If you have money to pay for famous designers, make a nursery.

What are you gotta do?

Misfitsful Japan.

◆ 25: (My) Amore

Nagatomo "Amore" To marry Hira Ari Three bottle companion 1 year - Japan national team: Nikkan Sports

Nagatomo acknowledged Mr. Masahiro's relationship report by Friday. When setting up a place of interview quickly and standing in front of the reporters, "I am seriously talking with an actress, Mr. Akira Taira, who is important to myself, it is my amore, in Italian" I love you It means "I mean it," but revealed with embarrassment.

◆ 26: Pokemon GO

"Pokemon GO" finally arrived in Japan, I only have a big wave to involve the world so I tried playing crispy - GIGAZINE

The Pokemon GO player got into a private place in search of Pokemon and suddenly rushed to a specific area, and due to troubles with neighboring residents, developers Niantic also developed to sue the authorities did.

Pokemon GO's developer · Niantic sued by the Dutch authorities - GIGAZINE

In addition, some countries legally prohibit Pokemon GO are coming out.

A country where Pokemon GO is banned for the first time in the world appeared - GIGAZINE

◆ 27: Negative interest rate

On January 29, 2016, the Bank of Japan decided to introduce a negative interest rate policy.

On the negative interest rate of the Bank of Japan whose economic primary school students can understand in 3 minutes - The good-bye, depressed Thursday

As a financial institution, if you deposit it with the Bank of Japan, you have to pay interest instead of interest. Then, rather than having the BOJ sleep the money, it is a move to lend it to the company, obtain interest income or turn it into other investment.

In other words, let's make money on the market, boost corporate capital investment and wage increase, stimulate the economy. Ultimately, the BOJ intends to keep it close to the target price inflation rate of 2%.

In November the impact of negative interest rate policy has also been reported.

Minus interest rate real estate financing got back to record high | NHK News

Large banks 7 groups, 4 companies declining profit Negative interest rates are affected: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ 28: Private residence

Private residence

Representation of Japanese that generally means that travelers and others stay in general private houses

A new type of accommodation method called "to lend rooms not used by ordinary people to people all over the world via apps and services" is suitable for responding to hotels, ryokans, municipalities, etc., depending on the city A bill regulating public holiday has passed.

New York approves Airbnb's ordinance to drive down private residence by Giants - GIGAZINE

Meanwhile, Airbnb, a private housing service, is complaining that such laws are illegal.

Airbnb to appeal the city as regulating the lending of the room is illegal - GIGAZINE

◆ 29: Embankment

Governor Yuiko Koike announced that "Fillland" for soil contamination control was not under the building in the Toyosu market where the Tsukiji market in Tokyo is planning to move on September 10, 2016. While the Tokyo Metropolitan Government reports that it was describing the lie, "I polluted the polluted soil in the premises," while it was pointed out that "Because it is actually hitting concrete, it is safe" and confusion arises It was.

Governor Koike "Governor's Room" / Press Conference (September 10, Heisei) | Tokyo

Story of Embankment of Toyosu Market - Togetter Summary

◆ 30: Legacy

"Legacy" meaning "heritage" that the Tokyo Olympics will remain in the future has become a hot topic.

Review of the Olympic Valley venue, withdrawal request for competition groups: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Japan top-league collaboration organization that summarizes domestic group ball game leagues related to the reviewing site venue in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games will hold a press conference in Tokyo on the morning of 26th and the Olympic research team in the capital recommends a review I requested that the Ariake Arena (Koto Ward) in the volleyball venue be prepared according to the current plan.

Mr. Saburo Kawabuchi, chairman of the same organization, said, "For both players and audiences, the new arena will be a legacy (heritage), which is necessary for the development of children and Japanese sports."

Following the boat Volley also inevitable Kawabuchi Mr. Yokohama Arena change plan - angry sponge Sponichi Annex Society

Mr. Saburo Kawabuchi, chairman of the same organization, said: "It is absolutely necessary to build an arena proud of the world on the occasion of the Olympic Games, and legacy (heritage) is a matter of mind, not money," with a voice including anger.

I refuted Mr. Kawabuchi. Legacy is a matter of money.

In order to leave a legacy (heritage) in the hearts of everyone, "2020 Tokyo Olympic Games was a wonderful competition", it is necessary to realize a compact (cost) Olympics at all costs. Money is an important question as to whether it will be a wonderful legacy.

◆ Additional notes
"God comes in" is chosen for the year object. In addition, the top ten is selected as "pilgrimage of the sacred place" "trump phenomenon" "gestational affair" "minus interest rate" "filling earth" "Japan dead fallen nursery school" "Pokemon GO" "(my amore)" "PPAP" "Members of the reconstruction castle" were chosen for the committee special prize.

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