Fully movable "Lego" official "Panama Canal" kit is a masterpiece of the masterpiece

Because the Panama Canal has a high sea level in the center of the canal, it raises and lowers the water level of the shipLock gate(Komon) is adopted as a mechanism. You can reproduce the structure of this Panama canal with a Lego block, and you can advance the boat by raising and lowering the water level by yourself and opening the flood gatePanama Canal KitWhat appeared.

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El Canal de Panamá en piezas de Lego

This is a kit of LEGO blocks reproducing the lock of the Panama Canal.

Lever and gears are installed, operation type.

You can understand exactly what is amazing for the Lego block Panama canal kit by seeing the following movie.

Los niños de Panamá
Armando y aprendiendo sobre la Ingeniería del Tercer juego de Esclusas del Canal de Panamá.

Panama STEMPosted on November 15, 2016

A boy who assembles a Lego block.

The Panama Canal Kit is large, so we have created it for several people.

After each child has created each part ......

Combine the four parts into a mass.

Set a ship.

Turn the knuckle and turn it.

Then the water level of the space in front of the ship placed in front will go up ... ...

It is about the same as the water level of the place where the ship is.

In this state it is possible to advance the ship straight, so turn the gear and open the gate.

The ship goes straight.

I went to the second aquarium.

I will repeat the same process as before with this tank. Turn the handle around and raise the water level of the aquarium in front ... ...

Open the gate.

Go straight.

The way of doing it is slightly different only in the last aquarium, this time we will lower the water level by turning the handle.

As much as the level of the river ....

Opening gate. The ship can now safely leave.

Lego's Panama Canal Kit is online limited to 40,000 pieces around December 2016Things to be sold. In addition, the price is seen as about 250 dollars (about 27,000 yen).

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