"Slidewheel" where the Ferris Wheel and the water slider are integrated to enjoy unpredictable slipping at maximum speed of 40 km

The waterslider slowly rotates and the direction of advance and speed are unpredictableSlidewheel"The video of the test ride has been released. It is the world's first and only one water slider made by the German water slider construction company.

Slidewheel Testing & Construction Time-Lapse: Waterslide / Ferris Wheel Hybrid - YouTube

At the beginning of the movie, something like a foundation is projected, what on earth is made? Although it becomes strange ... ....

You can see the shape of the one like a Ferris wheel at once.

Looking from above it looks like this. Compared to the building next door you can understand the enormity.

There is a tube on the one like a Ferris wheel ... ...

The tube will grow more and more.

The tube is wrapped around the framework and it is wrapped around.

Looking from directly above, it looks like this.

The surroundings are rather peaceful residential areas, so it is rather strange atmosphere.

You will see the entrance of the tube in front. It looks like entering the tube from a place like a stage.


So from here, footage of the test ride that reflected the interior. A group of four people will ride on the boat and slide in the tube.

Since the slider is rotating like a Ferris wheel, the boat goes in and out of the tube. There are speedy and slow and fast.

A cheering cheers for a sudden speedup.

I can see the outside.

Finally it is thrown out to the pool and it ends.

According to Hackaday, SlideWheel is a German water slider construction company · the idea produced by a Swiss boy in 2012wiegand.maelzer GmbHWhat was made reality. In 2015, the idea of ​​SlideWheel has been uploaded to YouTube, and when you watch the movie you can see how SlideWheel is structured.

SlideWheel - Worlds most thrilling waterslide / www.wiegand-maelzer.com - YouTube

SlideWheel is 24 m high.

Land area is 26 m × 32 m ... ...

There is an entrance in the center of the Ferris Wheel, 12 meters from the ground. The entrance diameter is 2.7 m.

Although it is slightly different from the test movie in shape, initially it seems that it was planned to be like this.

The left side is the exit, the right side is the entrance.

Four people ride a boat in one set and go into SlideWheel.

In the slow time it is about 12 km / h, but ....

The maximum speed will be 40 km.

In the figure below, there is a boat in the yellow green part. From left to right, the boat slowly goes down the slope ... ....

I will go through the sharp curve.

I jumped up slightly up through the curve, but it fell again to the curve by gravity.

However, since the Ferris Wheel is turning clockwise, the boat will slide further as the slope is born.

In addition, the next boat is launched ......

Three boats are to be placed in the tube at the same time at the same time.

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