A movie in which a dangerous snowboarder slides through a snowy pool

"Extreme sports"I will fascinate people with" extremism "that shows splendid excursion in places that are not extraordinary. A professional snowboarder decides a splendid riding and air in a pool closed due to the snow Movie "Snowboarding An Empty Water Park"Has been released.

Snowboarding An Empty Water Park | Snowmusement - YouTube

Pool theme park in the state of New Jersey USA "Action ParkIt's a snow scene.

Snowboarders who appeared in the theme park.

Midwinter that the icicles can do.

Of course, the pool is closed.

If such a thing comes down without a doubt ......

A fence is taken away.

At the same time, the waterslide also flew away.

The stairs on the poolside also goes down one after another with snowboarding.

A little step is a good attraction.

Why do you decide big air and jump in ... ...

Huge water slider.

There is snow near the entrance ... ...

Coming to the exit is just a slide.

A huge entrance ......

Surely half pipe. But there is no snow on the wall.

I will decide the jump of power while standing by hand.

Some people blow up at Sori.

Snowboarder who has climbed the slope vigorously ... ...

How a landing on the roof.

When you make a seed, it looks like this. If you get pulled by the rope and accelerate ...

Poi the rope near the uphill slope.

That was a big jump using accelerator.

Tonight with the scoop Earthquake.

It was such a cliff that landscaped.

I slide down to fall.

Successfully gliding glaringly nearly at right angle wall.

If you look closely, it was a dangerous snowboarder with no helmet.

The jump continued even at night.

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