Red Bull releases a movie running on a trial bike on a roller coaster

Run on a roller coaster with inline skatesThe challenge has been done in the past, but in Mexico City's amusement park "La Feria de Chapultepec" a challenge to run on a wooden roller coaster with a trial bike was held, and Red Bull has released that state.

Roller Coaster & Trial Bike

Trials Motorcycle on a Roller Coaster - Red Bull Roller Coaster - YouTube

A roller coaster running a trial bike has sometimes become the world's highest roller coaster in the past "Montaña Rusa".

French trial bike rider to challengeJulien DupontMr.

Get on the track by motorbike ... ...

It seems that you are wearing "GoPro" at the head.

I ride a motorcycle in the middle of the course that I should climb with a roller and climb.

Climb the summit ......

Go down the slope.

Looking from another angle it is like this. As it is going down the slope, it runs while applying the brake, it seems that it can not run at the same speed as the roller coaster.

Although it seems to be doing it without difficulty, there is a height of 33 meters above the ground, so one mistake can be a cause of death.

There are flat places in the course ......

Performance of back flipping as well.

Not all are turning on their own, the jumping platform was prepared.

It is affordable on the curveWheelie runAlso show off.

It continues up and down after that.

As the end approached, the course grew steadily and gradually.

Apparently it seems that he is running the course before the remodeling, the stick is standing in the center and the course is narrow so I run carefully.

Safely goals.

Julien Dupont, a challenger, commented that he ran the roller coaster this time, "I was worried before running but it was the best lighting ever."

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