Happening photograph which is overwhelmingly overturned by bicycle Various

It is a picture of those who are suffering from a catastrophe such as falling from a bicycle flashy. There are even things that can not be thought of normally, such as a bicycle being broken and crashing against the tire from the face, it is a picture of cold sweat.

I do not know what happened after I got into a happening, but I just pray for being safe.

Image is from below.
Accidents during bicycle racing. Very dangerous because many players are waiting later.

I thought that it was a slope but it was a staircase ... Is that the place.

Considering that the bicycle supports the whole body weight of the person riding on the two wheels, the damage seems to be quite large.

It is going to get caught up in the rear wheel of the car with the left arm overturning, painfully looking ......

I was hit by the front, was he careless in the front?

The bicycle is broken and the face hits directly on the tire.

It does not seem to be a jump from mushrooms.

You can see other pictures from below.

Unlucky Cyclists - Visboo

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