A thrilling movie of simultaneously performing the world's first airplane aerobatic flight / motocross revolution / tightrope walking

Immediately after Motocross's motorcycle got a full turn in the airAcrobatic flightThe world's first challenge that the fuselage goes through the tightrope rope has succeeded and the moment of haraharadokidoki called "Is it going to hit?" Is contained in the movie.

World First: Melissa Andrzejewski, Sketchy Andy Lewis, & amp; Jimmy Fitzpatrick take the Desert! - YouTube

Motocross rider gets into the jumping base ... ...

An airplane is flying.

The performer is on the tightrope on the bike. It seems that everything comes in contact with you, has it finally succeeded?

It was the pilot of the acrobatic flight that challenged this world's first attemptMelissa AndrzejewskiWith ...

Performers who do tightrope walks and base jumpsSketchy Andy LewisMr.

In addition motocross ridersJimmy Fitzpatrickis.

Practice preparing for production.

I flip the airplane and fly near the jumping base and the rope.

That's why the actual starts. Although Motocross seems to conflict with Lewis who is tightrope walking ... ...

The position of the rope seems to be on the back side, so it will not collide with motocross. At the same time, an airplane of ultra low flying flight from the back is flying at a tremendous speed, if the wrong timing collides with the motocross and the plane, if you make a mistake the performer under the tightrope will be blown away by the airplane.

The plane succeeded in passing under the tightrope rope without hitting the motocross.

Looking from the front, it seemed that all the sets were installed in parallel, but from another angle it was installed like this.

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