All tires slip out while driving on expressway

It seems that there was an accident that all four wheels dropped out while driving on a highway.

The accident was overlapped and the damage was kept to a minimum, but it makes me realize that it may be a catastrophe with a little mistake.

Details are from the following.
Car loses all four wheels simultaneously |

According to this article, it seems that all the tires of a car running on a highway in Switzerland on May 30th local time were missing almost at the same time.

The cause of the fallout of the tire was a maintenance mistake of the wheel. It seems that we changed winter wheels and tires to those for summer because it got warmer in the spring, but as I used the wrong thing for the nut fixing the wheel, the tires slipped out of the wheels while driving is.

Luckily, almost all of the tires dropped out, so that the car body landed cleanly on the road, and there were no damage such as injuries and damage to the equipment.

As it may be a catastrophe with a small mistake, it makes me think again that it is very dangerous to install the wrong parts regardless of the car.

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