A truck driver encountering a traffic accident makes a miracle escape from the driver's seat Movie

Under the worst situation that the truck that was suddenly running on the opposite lane protruded in front of us and completely blocked the lane, the driver who encountered a traffic accident escaped spectacularly from the driver's seat The camera of the following car caught.

Luckiest Truck Driver in Russia - YouTube

The shooting date is on September 19th on a highway in Russia.

The road does not have a one-lane facing traffic lane, a median strip etc.

The distance between the car and the track you are shooting is slowly clogging up.

Then the track got off to the right. It is unknown whether it is sleeping or not ... ...

Next time the track is to the left.

It completely protruded to the oncoming lane as it was.

Apparently it seems that the front of the lane was congested.

There, a track running along the opposite lane collided.

The mirror of the bumped track will blow away. At the same time, striped patterns visible to the driver's seat ......

Driver of the track on the side of the collision. The windshield was completely gone, and it was shaped like being thrown forward.

And landing. Coincidentally, I succeeded in escaping intact.

I went to check the state of the track with "Hey hey ... ...." Although it is said that the injured person did not come out in this accident, seat belt wearing is indispensable because everyone can escape intact like this at the time of a traffic accident.

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