Carrying bicycle to fold the wheel "Eco // 07"

Students from LondonFoldable bicycle to wheel sizeWhat I invented is a fresh memory. Since the main body can be assembled by connecting pipes together, it can be made small to a certain extent, but because the wheel can not be folded, it had only to be small from the beginning.

But to make the impossible possible, Victor Aleman designed a bicycle "Eco // 2" that folds the wheels.

Details are as below.
Eco // 07 - Compactable Urban Bicycle by Victor Aleman >> Yanko Design

Viewed from the side. It looks like a little toy bicycle based on orange color.

Parts can be disassembled apart. Perhaps it is being made for circle use.

How to fold the wheels that will become the centerpiece. It houses the spoke inward and is made to be folded at the part of the node.

In summary it is like this. Because the main body is large, it is not that compact to that extent ....

Because this is a design to the last, I do not know what will happen if it is a real thing, is there any problem with the durability of the wheel?

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