A hanger that will solve the irritation smartly when hanging the laundry


When hanging laundry articles, especially narrow-necked clothes like T-shirts, if you do not pass the hanger from the skirt, the circumference of the collar will extend, so it will take time and effort to do so I think. It is a concept design of a revolutionary hanger that eliminates such troublesome days "Bender Hanger"Has been released.

Bender Hanger by Designer: Igor Vig >> Yanko Design

It was the designer Igor Vig who invented this hanger concept. While being a wooden hanger, it is characteristic that it draws delicate curves.

Various variations such as dark brown color, light brown color, and patterns with firm grain appearance are assumed.

Usage is simple and straightforward, just bring the hanger like a tongue and let go through the nape of the cloth and then relax. Because there is a fixed idea that the form of a hanger is that form that draws a triangle, it is an excellent idea that seems to be "Was it good to do so?"

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