Garlic type nice design seasoning "Ajori"

Pottery made seasonings made inspired by the purple color of the garlic and the beauty of the line after peeling off the skin "Ajori"is.

PhotoAlquimia | Ajori

The movie is from the following.

Garlic after this peeled off. I have a pinkish lilac color.

Ajori is a container shaped like such garlic, so that seasonings and condiments can be put in it. The one under the pottery is a faint purple color.

The package looks something like this.

When it comes out of the package, it is wrapped in cloth and it is likely to be presented as a present as it is.

Ajori is made by a total of six pottery seasoning cases.

The central wood depicts a smooth curve.

The design picture looks like this.

There are three types of containers. Here is the type with lid.

Containers for salt pepper are the smallest size among the three types.

Vertically long containers are good for dressing.

Ajori as followsinjection moldingIt is made with.

When one pottery is arranged on a table, it is in the shape of garlic.

Then apply a glaze to make it glossy when baked. Represent the texture of garlic in subtle shades.

It was baked.

We will further form the core wood into a smooth form of the plant.


Salad, meat dish, pasta etc. It is convenient not only to put together the seasonings to add a taste to cooking as well as to be decorated in the kitchen is fashionable.

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