"Gourmet oven" review baking authentic pizza like stone kiln in about 5 minutes Review

It is possible to adjust the temperature from 160 to 400 degrees, it was difficult to reproduce at home, it was possible to make a full-fledged pizza like a stone kiln baked "Gourmet oven"is. In addition to pizza, I was able to make dishes such as Nan, Focaccia, roast beef and paella, so I actually bought it and tried it.

GOURMET OVEN Gourmet oven - Vitantonio Vitantonio

This is the gourmet oven which arrived at the editorial department.

Inside was a main body · pizza plate · dish plate · pizza paddle · pizza cutter · recipe collection · instruction manual was included.

In the collection of recipes besides how to make basic pizza dough, various recipes of pizza ......

Recipes of side dishes such as paella and roast beef that can be made using dish plate were also listed.

So, first, from fabric making. Mix light flour, strong flour, dry yeast, salt lightly and pour lukewarm into the indentation made in the middle. At this time, it was decided whether to become a fluffy type of Naples pizza fabric or a crisp Roman pizza fabric by setting the ratio of flour and strong flour to "1: 2" or "2: 1" I will.

When powder and lukewarm water are mixed and a unit comes out ......

Put it out on the table and knead.

If the fabric gets stuck in your hands, knead it like folding.

Roll it around if it gets tortuous texture for about 10 minutes, put in a bowl and leave it at room temperature for about 1 hour.

First of all, since we make "Capricciosa" on the attached recipe, we will make tomato sauce while laying the dough. Heat garlic with olive oil ......

We introduced hall tomatoes.

When moisture disappears, when it is about the first half amount, salt is added. The tomato sauce is now complete.

Next, preheat the gourmet oven.

When opening the lid it looks like this. There are heating wires on the top and bottom, placing a plate in the middle and heating the ingredients.

Two kinds of plates, "dish plate" for making paella, meat and fish dishes, "pizza plate" for pizza.

I set the pizza plate and it looks like the following.

The size of the gourmet oven is about this. It is quite big.

The body has two dials, "Temperature" and "Time", and when cooking, we will adjust with two dials. In case of Capricciosa preheat for about 15 minutes in accordance with 400 degrees of dial 4. When preheating is completed, "beep" sounds.

After 1 hour, the fabric was swollen to about twice the size.

Knock about this 5 times.

Because the fabric is for two pizzas, divide it in two ... ...

Place it over a wet squeezed cloth and sit for another 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, stretch the dough with hands on a dressed powder table. At this time, the point is to stretch the fabric to leave a thick edge. This time I bake pizza of diameter 25 cm corresponding to M size of delivery pizza etc. according to recipe, but gourmet oven is able to bake pizza up to 30 cm in diameter about L size.

Put the tomato sauce I made earlier, flip cheese.

Place palmegano, olive, cape, anchovy, mini tomato, basil and others and sprinkle olive oil, put pizza on pizza paddle on preheated gourmet oven.

Just bake the pizza for 4 to 6 minutes.

Is the pizza burnt? How about tempering? That means that you can check from the main window.

I tried baking and baked for 5 minutes. As well as at the time of preheating "Pippu" sounds to inform you of the completion of the pizza, so when I opened the kiln, the room was filled with a nice odor.

Cooking time is only 5 minutes, it's completed in a flash, but the cheese melts and the surface has grilling eyes.

Since the pizza cutter is also included in the gourmet open, it is also a point that you can work on pizza making without having to procure other tools if even the ingredients are arranged.

When I try to eat the finished pizza, the surface of the fabric is crisp but the inside is fluffy & rice cake, exquisite grilling. If fabricated in the home oven range, the fabric may be too crispy, or on the contrary it is not crisp and fluffy too, but in the case of the gourmet oven the fluffy feeling of the fabric is kept while passing the ingredients securely It was like a pizza to eat in a restaurant.

GIGAZINE editorial department that orders delivery pizza well, but since pizza made at home can adjust the amount of oil, it is easier to eat than to deliver pizza, easy to eat, only for people who "are not good at greasy pizza" It is a dish you want to eat.

Food is heated well, but because it is heating at a stretch at high temperature, moisture is not escaping from tomatoes and olives, none are in a fresh state. This is also a difficult place to realize if it is an oven range.

Next time I challenge dessert pizza. The crisp Roman pizza fabric will be stretched out with a noodle stick instead of a hand.

Sliced ​​apples · camembert Cheese · butter · cinnamon · granulated sugar etc on the fabric ......

Bake at dial 3 (300 degrees) for 6 minutes.

It is the kore completed.

Tasting the walnuts roasted on the finish, the thinly stretched fabric is like Capricciosa's mochi & rich texture & unlike a crispy biscuit.

It is OK even honey or maple syrup. The fabric is light so it is perfect for a snack at 3 o'clock.

I will also try to challenge "Salsiccia and Mushroom Pizza" on the recipe collection. Salsiccia is an Italian-style sausage, first mix meat of pork, garlic, dried herb, white wine, salt, black pepper and put it in the refrigerator for more than 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, put salsiccia, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, cheese, trebis, mushrooms, jalapeno and others etc. on crispy type fabric and sprinkle olives.

Bake this for 4 to 6 minutes on the dial 4 ......

Pizza is completed in no time.

It was crispy type fabric, but was it a bit thick, or somewhat rich finish. However, on the whole it is enough to say that "Since when did the GIGAZINE editorial department become a pizza place ... ...?", The fragrance of the fabric, the texture of the dough, the fragrance of the wheat are expressed as "delicious" Taste is meat & garlic & jalapeno that combines appetite. I made it so far and found that the recipe that came with it was extremely helpful.

It was cook for a short time, but the meat had fire properly.

By the way, I tried topping raw eggs in pizza ... ...

To the maturity of good feeling. This is also a place where it is difficult to adjust if it is an oven range at home.

Perhaps, this is not the ability of the gourmet oven, but it was good simply to make a pizza fabric from 1 ...? I was wondering, so I will try it even at craft pizza I purchased at the supermarket.

After preheating with dial 3 (300 degrees), it heated for 6 minutes at dial 2 (250 degrees).

It is the kore completed.

When I tried it, while outside it is crisp, the inside is still fluffy mochi mochi. The moisture of the ingredients is also not deprived, and the sausage has become a pretty texture. I usually eat the craft pizza in the oven range and eat it by the editorial staff who eat, "I am totally different, like a pizza to eat in the shop." I was able to feel strongly that "Deliciousness of pizza is a delicious taste of baking and dough ... ...!"

I am going to make a dish plate recipe as well. Set the dish plate in the main body and preheat.

I will challenge the "Thai spice-grilled Tunisian style" which was in the attached recipe.

First crush the almonds ... ...

Pour a mixture of paprika powder, salt, pepper, etc. on Thailand.

If you cut a slice in Thailand, we pinched lemon and garlic.

Then wrap it in aluminum foil and bake it for about 15 with dial 3 (300 degrees).

It is in Kore that it is completed.

My body is fluffy, the fragrance of paprika · lemon · garlic intensifies appetite. Of course the method called steamed baking is also possible in the oven range, so the main part of the gourmet oven is "to bake pizza", but also from the fact that we can cook rice, cake, paella, gyoza etc etc, also from the oven-free house and sub It seems to demonstrate multi-power when power cooker is needed.

In addition, the gourmet oven can be purchased with Amazon 12,830 yen including tax.

Amazon.co.jp: Vitantonio Gourmet Oven Red Vitantonio VGO-55: Home & amp; Kitchen

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